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Flea IGRs
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Fleas have been around for centuries and have been hosting on animals and people. Why not reduce the number of fleas in your house before it gets out of control? A flea IGR (insect growth regulator) dramatically reduces the population of fleas before they are even able to reproduce. Flea IGRs may be the most crucial part of flea control. These liquid concentrates have been developed by the leading manufacturers of flea control products so that you can easily spray them in areas of infestation. Up until a few years ago, flea IGRs were available to only licensed professionals, because it was unclear whether or not they were safe for use inside the homes. However, IGRs have been tested for safety and have been proven effective. They are now available through pest control supply stores.

Flea IGRs that are provided at Pest Mall are the same flea control products that are being used by professional pest control management companies minus the expensive service fees that they charge.

What is A Flea IGR?

IGR stands for insect growth regulator. For many of the insects that reproduce at an extremely high rate, an IGR is a crucial insecticide in gaining control over an infestation. IGRs actually do not have a killing effect; instead it alters the biology of the insect. Physically, insects, as does all other living creatures, must mature to a certain stage before they are able to become fertilized and reproduce. Therefore, flea IGRs will play a critical role in flea control by prohibiting the immature flea nymphs from developing all the way and keeps them from laying eggs. Ultimately, flea IGRs halt the life cycle and prevent future infestations. Keep in mind that IGRs do not have a killing effect and will not kill adult fleas.

How to use Flea IGRs

It is important that when you are doing flea control, you are paying attention to all the areas that your pets might rest often. These are areas where flea eggs and larvae will fall out and burrow in. Also, fleas lay eggs deep inside carpeting and cracks and crevices of the room. IGRs can be mixed in the same water solution as concentrates or other killing insecticides without neutralizing the insecticide and so they are easy to use and will not require a second application. Many of the flea control products like aerosol sprays or foggers already have IGR mixed into the solution and so a separate application is not required. However, for long term control, it is ultimately better to use a residual liquid spray with an IGR concentrate. Typically, one ounce of the IGR concentrate will be added to the gallon solution of flea spray and applied in areas where your pets rest, in cracks and crevices like the baseboard area of each room, around the window and door frames, and etc. IGR can also be applied outside in areas of harborage. It does not stain and will not destroy paint. Also, once it is completely dry, it is safe for contact and will not harm children or non-target animals.

Keep in mind that all pesticides have a product label and it is required that product labels are thoroughly reviewed before it is applied.

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Q. I have birds is igr safe to use around them or do I need to remove birds from home?
A.   Usually, an insect growth regulator is safe for reentry after it is dry. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly review the product label and the MSDS label before application for the specific IGR.
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Q. Can you use an IGR on fleas in your yard.
A.   Yes, you can use IGR in the yard. It is important however to use a product that kill the fleas as well as inhibit their growth. We recommend using products such as Conquer to mix with the IGR for optimal control.
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Q. rabbits
I have a house rabbit that runs around the house. Plus a cat indoor and out. We have beed invaded by fleas. What toxic effects will this product pose for my rabbit.
A.   We know that once the product is completely dry, it is safe for reentry by people, cats, and dogs but we are unsure if it is safe to apply around rabbits. Please contact the manufacturer for detailed information as they will be able to provide you with more accurate information.
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