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Fly Traps
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Flies are a huge nuisance both inside and outside a house or commercial area. In places where no one can really tell how other people will react to toxic materials and insecticides, it is always better to be safe, than sorry. Instead of using insecticides with high chemical content, use natural fly traps. Fly traps are the safest alternative to poisonous insecticides. Also, just because they are “safer” does not mean that they are less effective. By using natural attractants and baits, fly traps have proven to be just as effective as or sometimes even better than insecticides.

What better way to get rid of flies than using a fly trap. Attract and trap flies for good using pro grade fly traps.

Significance of Fly Traps

Commercial areas are areas where people are always moving, coming and going. Homes are filled with children and pets. There is no way to know how people will react to materials and chemicals that they are unfamiliar with. This reason is why people should opt to take the safer route and use fly traps. Fly traps are made using natural attractants like attractive scents, colors, and sugar bases that lure the flies to their death. They can be made useful in both indoor and outdoor areas which makes them all the more favorable. Although fly traps are fatal to flies, homeowners and business owners will know that non-target animals are not in danger.

How to Use Fly Traps

Fly traps are made so that they are easy to use by homeowners and business owners everywhere. These traps are the same traps that professionals are setting up around the residential or commercial area. Simply hang or place traps in concentrated areas of infestations. It is not necessary to do anything more. The fly traps provide control for up to three months and will begin to catch flies instantly. Once the glue has become ineffective, simply, dispose of the trap and set up a new one as needed or replace the baits as needed.

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Q. What is the best product to kill fly indoors?
You provide many products for House Fly management but the details are not always clear which one is best for use inside the house. We are having a problem with flies entering our basement somehow.
A.   Unfortunately, there are no real sprays that will be able to eradicate the infestation of flies inside the house. We recommend fly light traps, fly glue boards that are have a pheromone attractant, and also structural changes that will keep them from entering the home. Screening should be inspected as well as cracks and crevices by windows and doors. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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