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Insects can hide in the most inconspicuous places around or in a structure. Many people may think that it is virtually impossible to target all the hidden zones in a house. With a liquid spray or a dust insecticide, that may stand true. While you unknowingly allow insects to dwell inside your home, you are also letting yourself and your home become vulnerable to several different problems. Insects can ultimately deface or ruin the aesthetics of your home, ruin the building structurally, and moreover, they can be the source of potential health hazards to the people residing in the structure. It is crucial that a complete treatment is employed in your home so that you can protect your home from all these potential risks. In order to completely control the insect infestation that has invaded your home, you must be able to target all areas of the structure. With foaming products, homeowners and business owners can target areas where even treatment with liquid sprays and dust insecticides are inadequate. Pest Mall has accumulated a comprehensive line of foaming products that are all professional grade, tested, and manufactured by the top pest control product manufacturing companies in the market right now.

All pesticides are regulated by the EPA and are required to have a product label and material safety data sheet. Please review all labels before applying any pesticide. Also, if you need help in selecting the correct foaming product for the insect infestation that you are experiencing, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.

Why Use Foaming Products for Insect Control

When treating for insects that could possibly ruin the structure of your house or even provide a health risk to you and your family, there is no room for error. Foaming products reduces the chances of product misplacement during application. It provides accurate and precise delivery of the insecticide because unlike liquid insecticides or dust insecticides, it cannot be pulled down by gravity. Therefore, rather than being pulled down to the lowest point of the treated area, foaming insecticides remain on the treated surfaces. Moreover, the foaming product’s ability to expand provides more coverage. It is all too easy to miss hard to reach areas like the wall voids or other small cracks and crevices with a liquid spray or dust product. When people miss these key areas of harborage, breeding, or travel, they call for potential further damages in the structure. However, foams are able to expand and fill in or cover these target areas. When the foam expands, it allows the chemical to actually bond or at least come in contact with all surfaces inside the void which means that it is able to fully cover a given area rather than sink to the bottom.

Use Foaming Products Effectively

There are several different pest control situations where foaming products will prove to be effective and beneficial.

  • Wall Void Treatment: Many insects like roaches and termites will travel through or infest areas that are not readily accessible, like the wall void area. In areas like this where it is difficult to reach or treat often, use a foam treatment application. Foams are able to expand and cover areas that you cannot see inside the wall void as well as stick to the surfaces that you cannot reach. This ultimately provides the most ample coverage and optimal control.
  • Drain Treatment: For such insects like drain flies, fruit flies, and etc., making sure that organic build up does not over accumulate in drains is going to be an essential part of the treatment plan. Use foaming products to eliminate these breeding areas and to break down the organic matter in drains.
  • Treatment in Hollow Metal Tubing: For such insects like bed bugs and cockroaches, hollow metal tubing in bed frames, table legs, and appliance legs are infamous breeding sites. These locations that are notorious for facilitating a hide out or nesting grounds, it is almost impossible to apply products like dusts or liquids without missing a spot. With foaming products, you can trust that all surfaces inside these hard to reach places will be treated.

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