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Generic Insecticides
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With the customers in mind, Pest Mall has gathered a comprehensive line of generic insecticides that mimic original products in almost the exact same manner. Although they are labeled “generic” and are newer to the industry, by no means are they less effective. In today’s economy, it is already expensive enough to hire a professional pest control service company to come and treat your home of invading pests. Now, the general public has been given the option of purchasing the same pesticides that professionals have been applying to your home for years. Even better is that there are cost friendly replacements to some of those top products. Generic insecticides are now made available to the public as a powerful way to treat for invading pests in the house and business without the burdens of expensive chemical prices.

Pest Mall offers a wide variety of generic insecticides. Moreover, almost all formulations of insecticide are made available in the generic brand including liquid concentrates, wet-able powder, and granule insecticides. If you have any questions on what formulation of insecticide to select or any questions on the details of generic insecticides, feel free to contact our Pest Mall technicians at 1-800-788-4142.

What Are Generic Insecticides?

Since the chemicals have been made available to the general public, many homeowners and business owners are relying on “do-it-yourself” methods of pest control to get rid of pests around their home or business. Not too long ago, the same grade products that professional pest control management companies were using to apply to homes and businesses were made available to the public. Although some of the most popular products in the market right now have proven to be effective in pest management, the costs to purchase these chemicals are quite expensive and often times, unaffordable. This is why rising manufacturing companies, which are now competing with the top manufacturing companies in the pest control industry, have created products to mimic some of the most powerful and popular pest control products. By utilizing the same active ingredient with a slightly different chemical composite, generic insecticides work in almost the exact same manner as the original product. Therefore, for a homeowner or business owner who is looking for a means to save money, generic insecticides are available to provide an effective method of insect control without the high cost for the chemicals.

Why Use Generic Insecticides

Of course, some of the top grossing products in the pest control industry are prestigiously known and are trusted products because they have proven their efficacy time and time again. However, in today’s economy, there are just some circumstances when people simply cannot afford these expensive products to eliminate the pests around their home or business. Since generic insecticides have been produced, chemicals are now made available to homeowners and business owners without the burden of high costs. Generic pesticides are rising to popularity because all the products are made to mimic the most effective and well known products on the market. They perform almost equally to the original products and all the while, they are offered at a lower price than the original brand.

Although they are “mimics” of an original product, generic insecticides are by no means any less effective or less powerful than the originals. Generic insecticides have been tested and have proven to be effective. Therefore, they can be trusted to perform in the same powerful manner as their original counterparts.

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WE had tried everything to rid our yeard of the ground squirrel, but your trap worked like a charm. To date we have captured and released several miles away from our home the five ground squirrels. Cute creatures, but the noise and holes in our yard was really getting to us.

- Shershe -
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