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Glue Board Traps
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Many homeowners, especially homeowners who have small children and/or pets, are skeptical of using such methods as insecticides and rodenticides to maintain pest control around the house. Products that are high in chemical content could possibly mean for non-target ingestion or can cause skin irritations on people. Also, dangerous snap traps could possibly snap on non-target animals like your dog or cat and even your small child. Moreover, there are unlimited possibilities of harm when incorrectly using toxic chemicals and traps. In order to protect your home and family, pest control product manufacturing companies have produced a product that will ensure your safety while proving efficacy in both insect and rodent control inside and around the outside of your house.

Using a glue board trap to monitor may be one of the best ways to understand what further methods of control are necessary to completely eliminate the pests in the house.

What are Glue Board Traps

Glue board traps are pieces of cardboard that is covered with specially designed glue made to trap insects and rodents. The top manufacturing companies have made a variety of glue board traps to best control the type of infestation that you are encountering in your home. Glue board traps are typically placed against the wall or in corners. They are also perfect alternatives in areas where the use of poisons is prohibited or chemical sensitive areas. These places include schools, nursing homes, hospitals, day cares, zoos, restaurants, food processing plants and warehouses, residential areas, and much more.

Why Use Glue Board Traps

Glue traps are the perfect alternative to toxic baits and pesticides that are high in chemical content. Also, glue board traps are easy to use, which means that you will have the same grade product that professionals use minus the expensive service fees. They are inexpensive products that will not pressure a homeowner to use as much finances to support a “do it yourself” pest control program.

Glue board traps not only work as methods of killing a pest, but they are great for monitoring infestations as well. In order to gain a complete control of an infestation, a homeowner must know the status of how bad the infestation is, especially for insects. Furthermore, glue board traps allow for visual results. For pests like mice or rats, this will be crucial to prevent uncomfortable results like bad odor. When glue board traps are utilized, it eliminates the problem of having the pest die in an inconspicuous area. Many insects or rodents like to use the wall void area as a means of travel and sometimes, after consuming poison baits, they will die in those areas. This makes finding the carcass nearly impossible which can lead to such things as decay, safety hazards, offensive odors, or can even attract more pests than desired. With glue board traps, homeowners know exactly where the pest has been trapped and can dispose of the pest without worry.

Use Glue Board Traps Effectively

Glue board traps are not only efficient in pest control, but they are easy to use. Some glue boards are folded in creased areas to optimize chances of catching a pest and others are left out. To use glue traps with the most efficacy, place traps in concentrated areas of infestations. Target areas may vary depending on the target pest. For instance, rodents travel along the wall and so a target area that you can place the glue board will be where the floor meets the wall. Or, for such pests like cockroaches, glue boards can be used in areas like under the sink or under and behind appliances like under the stove, behind the microwave, and behind the refrigerator. Baits can be used to further attract pests to the trap. Some glue board traps already have a pheromone based attractant or a food scent attractant that is applied; however, real food baits can be used. Keep in mind however, that oily or greasy baits will ruin the glue, therefore, using such baits as peanut butter or liquid attractants, its best to use a tray or protective layer before applying the bait. Also, glue board traps should be replaced every three months due to natural build up like dust.

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Q. Will glue boards work on squirrels? Chipmunks?
A.   Yes, if the glue board is large enough. We recommend using the Catchmaster Maxcatch glue boards which are larger than the standard. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. Can you put the glue on a piece of plywood?
A.   We do have a gallon tub of glue. Regular glue or other types of glue will not be as effective because it will dry up very quickly. Trapper Gallon of Glue is the product we will recommend. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. Does the glue board stop a rat in its tracks?
A.   The glue boards are essentially sticky traps that the rats or rodents will stick onto if they walk over the glue. They cannot be freed from the glue and will eventually die if they are left on the glue long enough. If you would like to free them before they die, use a small amount of vegetable oil to apply around the area that the rodent is stuck on and release them from the glue board. We recommend the release site to be at least 3 miles away from the trap site.
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