Hex Pro Termite Station Monitors - 10 Stations
Hex Pro Termite Station Monitors - 10 Stations

Hex Pro Termite Station Monitors - 10 Stations

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Hex Pro Termite Station Monitors - 10 Stations
10 Termite Stations

Hex Pro Termite Station Monitors are the devices that carry the monitor or bait to check and see if a termite infestation is present.

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Hex Pro Termite Station Monitors - 10 Stations

Hex Pro Termite Station Monitors are the most important part of Hex Pro Termite System. The Hex Pro Termite Station Monitors are the device that carries the monitors or bait to check and see if your house is infested with termites. It can simply be replaced between the wood to a toxicant bait when the evidence is found.

Target Pest(s): Termites
Manufactured By: Dow AgroSciences
Size: 10 Termite Monitoring Stations
Examples of placement locations are: NY, CT


1. Get peace of mind with the Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System
2. This effective, reliable termite control is the environmentally sensible choice.
3. The Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System uses minimal termite bait to control the termite colony. This system includes an active ingredient that has been proven reliable through 10 years of in-field testing.

What is the Hex Pro System?

Controls termites with an odorless, less invasive, targeted approach.
Provides an environmentally sensible solution with a minimal amount of termite bait.
Has low impact on human health, low toxicity to birds, fish, and plants and low potential for groundwater contamination when used according to label instructions.
Requires no drilling in floors nor trenching around the home.
Is a high-quality product from Dow AgroSciences, a recognized leader in termite solutions.

How does the Hex-Pro System work?

It starts with a professional inspection of the home for signs of termites.
Hex-Pro termite stations are placed in the soil in prime termite-foraging areas around the house.
(In areas of known termite activity, auxiliary Hex-Pro termite stations may also be installed and baited immediately.)

Hex-Pro termite stations are checked regularly for signs of termite activity.

When termites are found in the Hex-Pro termite stations, they are transferred to a bait cartridge placed in the stations. The bait cartridge contains Shatter termite bait. In cases where baited auxiliary Hex-Pro termite stations are installed immediately, transferring termites is unnecessary.

Termites feed on Shatter termite bait, tunnel back to their colony, and send their nest mates back to feed on the bait. Generally, after several weeks, the termite colony declines and eventually is destroyed.

After the termites have been controlled, used bait cartridges are replaced with wood monitors. The pest management professional continues to check for signs of new termite activity as long as the service agreement continues.

How is the Hex-Pro System installed?

The Hex-Pro System is installed and serviced by pest management professionals. With the visible Hex-Pro termite stations and ongoing monitoring by a pest management professional, you will have reassuring evidence of termite protection

What is the active ingredient in Shatter termite bait that controls termites?

The active ingredient is Hexaflumuron, an insect growth regulator that stops the termites' vital molting process so they are unable to grow. As a result, they die. Hexaflumuron has demonstrated 10 years of in-field success in killing, controlling, and eliminating termites.

Why not just put Shatter termite bait in all the Hex-Pro termite stations right away?

Shatter termite bait can be placed in auxiliary Hex-Pro termite stations right away in areas where termite activity is suspected. Elsewhere, it is important to establish feeding in the Hex-Pro termite station first because termite foraging can be unpredictable. Baiting all Hex-Pro termite stations offers no advantage in termite control.

How long does it take to control the termites?

Once the Hex-Pro System is installed, it can take from a few weeks to a few months for termites to enter the Hex-Pro termite stations, depending on time of year, geography, termite pressure, and termite species. Once the termites enter the bait cartridges and begin feeding on Shatter termite bait, the process of termite control can begin. Colonies may begin to decline as quickly as four weeks after feeding on Shatter termite bait. It is important to remember that the termite's natural behavior, upon which the Hex-Pro System depends, does vary with the factors mentioned above, so the time and effort needed to achieve control can vary as well.

Is the Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System effective against all types of termites?

Shatter termite bait used in the Hex-Pro System is effective against all economically important subterranean (not drywood) termite species in the continental United States and Hawaii. It does the job in varying soil, climate, and geographic conditions.

What if a house is already infested with subterranean termites?

The Hex-Pro System will be installed to control the current termite infestation and the long-term threat. If the infestation is serious, the pest management professional may use an additional termite treatment for immediate, localized control.

Why don't the termites just go between the Hex-Pro termite stations to reach the house?

Termites continuously search for new feeding sites, even though they may have already located an abundant food source. Termites also feed randomly among available food sites within their foraging area. Therefore, if termites are foraging on a property, they should find and attack the wood monitors in one or more of the Hex-Pro termite stations.

What if the termite colony is right beneath the house?

Even when termites have found a food source in a house, they are constantly looking for more food elsewhere and their range typically extends beyond the house. Hex-Pro termite stations are an easy target for foraging termites, because they are in the soil where subterranean termites live and forage.

When the termites are controlled, will the Hex-Pro termite stations be removed?

Once the current termite threat has been controlled by Shatter termite bait, another termite colony could invade the property. To keep the property protected, the Hex-Pro termite stations are left in the ground and the pest management professional will continue to monitor them for as long as the service agreement continues.

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