Indian Meal Moth Control

Indian Meal Moth Control
Size: 1/2"
Color: Tan / beige with brown / copper wing-tips
Infestation: Pantry / food item
Questions & Answers : How to get rid of Indian Meal Moth & Pantry Moths (3)
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About Indian Meal Moth & Pantry Moths

Are you finding moths in your pantry? You may be infested with Indian meal moths (also known as pantry moths). The following is some information on How to Get rid of Pantry Moths and information on the pest.

Indian meal moths are the most common pantry pests found in America. They are about 1/2" in length and consist of two colors. The part of the wing closest to the head is tan and beige in color gradually turning into a darker shade of brown and copper as it trails downward towards the end of its wing. These moths are harmless to humans physically but they will eat and contaminate your food. Indian meal moths favor foods such as coarsely ground grain, cereal products, dried fruits, nuts, powdered milk, spices, hot pepper flakes, pet food and bird seeds. For more information on How to Get rid of Pantry Moths, please continue to read or feel free to contact us.

How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths : Utilize moth traps

Once you have discovered a pantry moth infestation, you will have to find the best ways of How to Get rid of Pantry Moths. The ideal way to control a pantry moth or Indian meal moth infestation in your pantry is to utilize moth traps. When thinking about How to Get rid of Pantry Moths, although insecticide sprays will work, the last thing you may want is to coat your own food with insecticides. Sprays are best utilized when the infested area is not in close proximity of your food sources. Glue traps and other means of moth traps are safe and the best possible methods when you are considering methods of How to Get rid of Pantry Moths.

Its important to actively control the situation before the infestation gets out of hand. Even though Indian meal moths do not bite, the contamination of foods is enough to consider this as a serious threat and methods of How to Get rid of Pantry Moths. If left untreated, some health risks associated with their infestation can possibly derive. Without any control of the matter, they will only multiply causing more chances of health risks and more headaches. A pantry moth infestation should be dealt with immediately.

How To Get Rid of Pantry Moths: Pantry Moth Repellent Sprays & Traps

After thorough cleaning of your pantry shelves, place a pheromone trap to capture any remaining lingering moths. The traps use female pheromone attractants to lure in the male moths for good. Pantry moth traps come in different sizes and styles. One of the best selling moth traps at is the Pantry Patrol Moth Traps. Designed to camouflage and blend in with your other pantry stored foods, it does a great job in capturing your unwanted pantry moths. Insecticide sprays should only be used for preventative measures when apply a control method targeting your pantry. For more information on How to Get rid of Pantry Moths, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.

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Q. Indian Meal Moths
Help it's an infestation. They are flying around and we can't rid of them. They were in the food pantry and we emptied and cleaned the pantry thoroughly. I put in two Tents to trap them by Springstar Inc. They are still in there even without food. I've discovered them also in the garage which is far from the pantry as well as in my new car that I park in the garage as well. We've kept the food out of the pantry and gone through it thoroughly now for two weeks. Please advise. Would it help to have an exterminator out?
A.   An insecticide with a longer residual is more effective than just a regular glue board. For food handling areas, Pro Citra DL Botanical Insecticide is a botanical-based insecticide thats good for crack and crevice treatment and also spot treatment in both food and non-food handling areas.

If you are looking for a stronger insecticide with heavier chemical content, Cy-Kick Aerosol Spray is also ideal for places like in your car. Do not apply on areas where you will be directly sitting, rather, treat areas like under the car seat or on the flooring of the car.

Also, the 4 Allure Moth Traps will more effectively attract the moths because it includes pheromone and is effective in all areas, especially areas like the pantry that you are concerned about.
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Q. home r emedy for getting rid of pantry moths
some thing I might have in my house I can't afford to but a commerce applicater
A.   Hiring a commercial applicator may be expensive, but you can always do the treatment yourself economically with our pantry moth pheromone traps. Some of our popular pheromone traps are the Catchmaster Pantry Moth Traps, or the Pro Pest Pantry Moth and Beetle Traps.
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Q. Pantry Moth Trap
I wanted something for my pantry. So would be interested in that a the kit for clothes moths.
A.   If there are moths in the pantry near dry food areas, you are probably dealing with a different kind of moth than the clothes moths. The pheromone kit for clothe moths would not be effective. However, the 4 Allure Pantry Moth Trap and also the product Pantry Patrol will be effective.
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