Japanese Beetle Control

Japanese Beetle Control
Size: about 5/8"
Color: Iridescent copper-colored elytra and green thorax and head
Infestation: Rose Bushes, Grapes, Hops, Canna, Crape Myrtles, and other plants
Native: Japan
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Japanese Beetle Control

If you are wondering How to Get rid Japanese beetles and the possible methods of control, you have come to the right place. Japanese Beetle Control is not difficult with the right information and the correct products. Japanese beetles (also known as scarab beetles) can usually be spotted from the beginning of July to the end of September. Japanese beetles are about 3/8th of an inch long and have a metallic green head with copper wings. They are not that difficult to distinguish. Their diet consists of just about everything surrounding your home; from shrubs, plants, trees, vegetables and even fruit. One of the main reasons why Japanese beetles are considered pests is due to their endless eating habits. They are a gardeners worst nightmare. For more information on How to Get rid of Japanese Beetle and the correct products for effective Japanese Beetle Control, please feel free to continue reading or call us.

How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetle: Behavior and Identification

Before you can understand the best ways of How to Get rid of Japanese Beetle species in the yard, you should get to know what their behavior is like. This will help you to gain a better understanding of complete Japanese Beetle Control and the most effective methods of eradicating them. Japanese beetles grow in numbers immensely each summer, especially in the northern and eastern states. One female can potentially produce up to 100 eggs after feeding. These eggs will then mature into adults in the early fall and start the cycle again. If not controlled and managed promptly, the Japanese beetle infestation will get out of hand. Imagine an army of flying Japanese beetles feeding on almost every plant in your garden or lawn. The feeding will inevitably lead to an immense obliteration of leaves within an instant. There are a variety of ways How to Get rid of Japanese Beetle.

How To Get Rid of Japanese Beetle: Japanese Beetle Control

Many people who are in war with Japanese beetles every year rely on sprays and traps. These are definitely great ways on How to Get rid of Japanese Beetle pests. Many pest control professionals recommend these Japanese beetle control methods. Moreover, they also recommend using granule insecticides. Every year, Japanese beetles grow in mass numbers even with the use of sprays and traps. This is solely due to forgetting preventative measures for a complete Japanese Beetle Control. Although sprays and traps will work and diminish your current Japanese beetle problem, if you are wondering what the best methods for How to Get rid of Japanese Beetle bugs are, granules are strongly recommended. Granule insecticides will ensure the killing of grubs and stop the growth of their population. With the combination of these control methods, you will efficiently control your Japanese beetle infestation.

For more information on How to Get rid of Japanese Beetle bugs or for more information on the the right products to use for Japanese Beetle Control, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.

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Q. what do you do with the beetles caught in your trap
A.   Please dispose of the beetles appropriately.
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Q. Will the traps effect my honey bee hives?
I keep honey bees and need to know if the Japanese Beetle trap is safe to use near the hives? Or will bees also enter the traps?
A.   The Japanese Beetle trap is specifically made for species of beetles. They are attracted to the pheromone lure in the traps. It should not attract the honey bees to the traps.
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