Ketch-All Automatic Mouse Control Trap Clear Lid
Ketch-All Automatic Mouse Control Trap Clear Lid

Ketch-All Automatic Mouse Control Trap Clear Lid

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Ketch-All Automatic Mouse Control Trap Clear Lid
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Ketch-All Automatic Mouse Control Trap Clear Lid
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Ketch-All Automatic Mouse Control Trap Clear Lid
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Ketch-All is a humane rodent trapping system made from durable galvanized steel. Unlike other traps, Ketch-All does not contain harmful mechanisms, baits or poisons. Each trap is engineered for easy monitoring, installation and disposal. Trusted by professionals for nearly a century, Ketch-All traps are unrivaled in both design, efficiency and innovation.

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Ketch-All Automatic Mouse Control Trap Clear Lid

Ketch-All Mouse Traps earned the title of "The Best Mouse Trap" through its highly effective design and construction. Since 1924, Ketch-All is trusted by homeowners and animal control specialists in capturing rodents. Ketch-All operates without the need for poisoned baits and injury-causing mechanisms, instead, it uses an elaborate maze trap to confuse and capture rodents.

Features include:

- A clear plastic lid for easy monitoring.

- Glue traps for containment of feces, hairs and urine.

- Service labels for record keeping.

- Sturdy protectors that protect traps from crushing traffic.

- Position locks that keep traps in place.

- Environmental shields to protect traps from rain and snow.

- A retrieving handle for extendable booms provide ease of installation/removal in hard to reach areas.

Why Should You Use ?

Ketch-All Mouse Traps have very efficient trapping designs trusted by professionals for more than 80 years. Traps are made from very durable materials that last for years.

Target Pest(s): Mice
Manufactured By: Kness
Material Composition: Galvanized Steel
Dimensions: 9 1/4 x 7 x5 1/2 Inches
Yield/Application: As desired
Not For Sale To: No Restrictions

Directions for Use

Prepare traps by winding 6 to 8 half turns. Secure traps parallel to walls where mice are known to travel.Dispose of mice using the drowning attachment.

Where to Apply

Ketch-All Automatic Mouse control trap is for use in and around residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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