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Sometimes, the use of snap traps or glue boards to trap and kill mice seems crude and inhumane. There is an alternative. Live mouse traps are able to provide a method of control without harming the mice. They are also safe alternatives and you can be confident that the live mouse traps will not hurt you or the rodents. Simply, catch them and either dispose of them or release them back away from your home. Pest Mall has put together a collection of some of the most effective live mouse traps that are being used in the market right now.

Live mouse traps can provide homeowners and business owners with a safe method of control without harming the mice or their pets and children. Simply, trap them in the trap and either dispose of them or release them.

Why Use Live Mouse Traps

Live mouse traps have been manufactured to ensure the safety of both you and non-target animals. Lethal poisons have a secondary kill effect and can potentially hurt non-target animals, like your pets, that chase them. Also, snap-traps that are fatal to mice can be messy and also have the potential of snapping on paws of your curious pets. Live mouse traps are alternatives to harmful poisons and inhumane snap traps. Also, clean up with a live mouse trap is much easier. With poisons, you will not know where the mouse has died. Because mice travel through the wall void in such a secretive way, there is no way of telling where the carcass is, which can lead to offensive odors inside the house. Also, trying to clean up a mouse that was killed by a trap is not the most attractive to those with weak stomachs. Not only are live traps effective and safe, but even clean up is made easy. Moreover, the live traps that are available here are multi-catch traps. Unlike snap traps that can only catch one rodent at a time, live mouse traps can hold 10+ mice at once. Therefore, live mouse traps are great for almost all types of areas including residential areas, commercial areas, and even agricultural areas.

Effective Live Mouse Traps

Live mouse traps can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are the most effective when they are placed directly in their paths of travel. Due to their poor eyesight, mice will usually travel with one of the sides against a wall or surface. Therefore, indoors, the live trap should be placed near the base board areas and outdoors, they should be placed along the wall. Simply place them and wait for them to walk right into the trap. Sometimes, it will be even more effective when baits are used. Use a natural attractant like peanut butter or even chemical hormonal attractants that lure the mice into the trap.

Some homeowners opt to use glue boards inside the live traps to ensure that the mice can be trapped inside. Whether or not you choose to use glue boards, cleaning up the live mouse traps are extremely easy. You can drive out a few miles and release the mice from the traps. The reason we recommend that you drive out a few miles is to ensure their inability to return to your house. The live mouse traps can be cleaned and reused or you can choose to use new traps.

For guidance on where and how to use the live traps, feel free to contact us via e-mail or call us at 1-800-788-4142.

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Q. need to know whatsize mesh for housemice
A.   The rodent proofing copper mesh would be the recommended product for your house mouse situation.
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