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Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait
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Review : Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait

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3 of 5 Stars!Best StuffMarch 02, 2014
By Bridget
We live in a wooded area where roaches are a problem constantly, not to forget to mention our neighbors always had a junky yard. We've tried exterminators, roach "hotels", sticky pads, numerous sprays, foggers, and none of it completely got rid of our problem. We even bought new cabinets and replaced all of our carpet with linoleum to no avail. Finally, I read an article about Maxforce FC Magnum written by a former exterminator. He basically led me to believe that this roach bait was the best thing on the market. Well, I tried it and I couldn't be more happier with the results. It solved our problem within a few days. Also, our neighbors moved so I'm sure that helped too. I just purchased two more tubes. I keep this stuff on tape behind appliances and in those far corners away from dishes. We haven't had roach problems in months. I'm no longer embarrassed to have get-togethers at my home anymore.
4 of 5 Stars!May 10, 2011
By Kyle Flynn
Trust Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait for all your cockroach problems. It provides great results. No need to worry about the price. Its affordable and very much worth of the price you pay.
5 of 5 Stars!Awesome !!!!!!!!! Roach BaitJuly 10, 2013
By Sheletha (Tampa, FL)
This product really works. No more roaches gone in 3 days . I'm ordering another tube just to have around the house. Highly recommended...Great product!!!! Thanks Maxforce
5 of 5 Stars!October 02, 2011
By Tim Melvin
This is the best roach control product you can ever have!!! I recommended it to some of my friends and they bought it. We all give advance cockroach gel bait a 5 star.
5 of 5 Stars!Have not seen as many but too early to tell, i guess.November 05, 2013
By Grego (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Spread over floor and shelves under and behind sink area and refrigerator, so now it's called "wait n' see"
5 of 5 Stars!December 30, 2011
By Tim Kunn
Pest management particularly with cockroach is not an easy task to do. I’ve sought help from a professional pest management team to solve my problem with roaches. Yes, they were able to eliminate the roaches but after some time, roaches were back and it was getting too expensive to keep having them come out to treat my place. So I tried solving it myself with the use of Maxforce FC Magnum Cockroach Bait and to my surprise it did well. Amazing product and best is that I get to save some money!
4 of 5 Stars!December 27, 2011
By James R.
My tenants were complaining about roaches like they were in-laws so I had to find a solution. I was helpless because pest control was no longer in the budget. I called pestmall to see what they could do for me, and sure enough they were really helpful. They recommended Maxforce roach bait gel and delta dust to control the problem. I’ve called about every situation you can think of and they really gave me sound advice with a whole lot of patience.
5 of 5 Stars!March 28, 2011
By Vivian Sun
My house and business both were crawling with creepy roaches. I used varieties of products to eliminate those cockroaches, but nothing was working effectively. Yeah, they were gone for a few days, but came back in no time. I found pestmall online who recommended Maxforce Magnum roach gel. Stuff is great if you know how to use it.
5 of 5 Stars!great product and vendorMarch 06, 2012
By Kate S. (WV)
Maxforce FC Magnum-- When I have made moves I sometimes come across roaches. This product ends the infestation BEFORE my belongings are affected. And PestMall is always quick and priced lowest. Good Job!
5 of 5 Stars!March 19, 2012
By Chaitra
Its a wonderful product. I live in an apartment where I recently moved in. Everything else is good there except roaches. I guess the previous tennat left these roaches. The apartment management provides pest constrol service and I tried that twice. It didnt work. Later I purchased the gel and bait station from pestmall. I was not sure whether this will work or not and I just went by reviews from other customers. I placed the bait station and applied gel. Next day morning I couldnt believe my self. I could see only dead bodies of roaches all over my kitchen. Even now I do 2 O clock checking in the night. I do see one or two roaches but not like earlier. Still the roaches are dieing and daily I can see one or two roaches dead. So I expect one my home will be free of roaches. I am very happy with this product
5 of 5 Stars!Great!!!!November 16, 2012
By Dana K. (LA, CA)
It worked so great! If I can give them more star, I would love to. I have no more roaches any more. I worked in 1day.
5 of 5 Stars!Maxforce FC Magnum Roach BaitJanuary 03, 2013
By Alan Hartsell (Stanfield,NC 28163)
It worked great. I plan to reorder another tube. Thank you.
5 of 5 Stars!April 23, 2010
By Herbert Frederick
I was just trying to do some research before I started treating and read that cockroaches are extremely detrimental to your health if the numbers get out of hand. So I wanted to IMMEDIATELY get rid of them. I hate them already but to think they were THAT disgusting, ugh. I would recommend using Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait. It is as effective as its label says. Roaches dead within just a couple of days!
5 of 5 Stars!August 17, 2009
By Gabriel
I purchased maxforce FC magnum roach bait gel to control roaches in my apartment. This thing works so much better than Raid spray cans from walmart or any other department stores. I got the item within 3 days. I was impressed by the fast shipping and the product itself. Its been a week since I applied the bait around my apartment and I dont see roaches anymore! Thank you so much pestmall!
5 of 5 Stars!August 04, 2009
By Peter Huy
I own a restaurant and I always try to keep my business clean with no bugs around. I used many products in the past but from my experience, I would say maxforce fc magnum works the best. This is like a death sentence to roaches :D I will purchase again in the future!
5 of 5 Stars!THE BEST ROACH KILLER AROUNDJune 27, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!I need a title?, it seems that I am in schoolFebruary 10, 2012
By Victor Pedraza (Venezuela)
excellent products, simple and intuitive web site and allows me to use, like amazon, my credit card, with different shipping and billing addresses from another country. You are global. many "secret" information that only professionals know, I get in your web site. my opinion is also about pest mall.
5 of 5 Stars!April 08, 2010
By Chris Gardner
Excellent product. I recommend Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Baitto everyone out there struggling against cockroach infestation. Its effectiveness is superb. You won’t regret the use of this product.
5 of 5 Stars!January 17, 2009
By Adam Wilson
Dont waste your money on those spray cans from retail stores. They smell funky and do not work well. I bought a maxforce FC magnum through pestmall and it worked awesome. I had many roaches in my garage so I tried to get rid of them with Raid spray but the roaches kept coming back. I used one tube of maxforce fc and the next day, I was sweeping dead bugs in my garage. I would highly recommend this product.
5 of 5 Stars!November 15, 2010
By Stuart Snyder
Despite the presence of several cockroach control products, I only trust and would recommend Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait. It kills cockroaches in just a few days. Highly Recommended.
5 of 5 Stars!June 02, 2011
By Ann Wright
Cockroaches used to live in my house more than I used to. The bug-man who lives next door told me to get a box of Maxforce magunum cockroach gel bait. So I got one and used it. Then the miracle happened. I was amazed. Seems like the roaches went on vacation forever.
5 of 5 Stars!August 12, 2010
By Melvin Freedman
Cockroaches are my most hated insect pests. I have used several kinds of bait to get rid of them. The most effective was when I used Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait. It kills roaches quickly. It was really great. I highly recommend this product.
5 of 5 Stars!April 20, 2011By Walter English
5 of 5 Stars!February 11, 2011By Paul Berger
5 of 5 Stars!August 24, 2010By Kara Woods
5 of 5 Stars!April 17, 2010By Wayne Weiner

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