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Mite Control

Here come more allergies your way. Potentially, tens of thousands of mites could be residing in your pillow right now. Did you know that mites are one of the primary sources of asthma and allergies? Believe it or not, the main reason why mites are associated with allergies is not because of their presence nor bite but the fecal matter they leave behind. So when you’re sneezing or feeling any kind of allergy symptoms, there is a good chance you might be inhaling fragments of mite feces. For more information on how to kill Mites or mite control, please feel free to continue reading or give us a call.

How to kill Mites

Mites are pesky little pests, period. Because of their microscopic stature, it is close to impossible to spot them. Nothing is more annoying than getting bit by an unseen vermin. Not all mites feed on dead skin cells and dander. Some mites are known to dine on plants. But most will turn to human blood when their food resource is scarce or unavailable. There are several different kinds of mites to deal with, but the ones homeowners are usually encountering are: house dust mites, ear mites, scabies (itch mites), bird mites, clover mites, and spider mites. Generally, dust mites are usually associated with the concerns of many people. Rest assure, however, that all of our available mite control products will take care of any mite infestation you might have.

Mite Treatment

Mites are relatively easier to control compared to other pests. There are plenty of ways to get rid of mites:

Mite Control Products

  • How to kill Mites with Professional Mite Spray
    Very reliable and instant mite killer in aerosol form.
  • How to kill Mites with Liquid Insecticides
    Professional liquid insecticides to handle your mite infestation.
  • Powder Form Insecticide
    Wettable powder insecticide that kills on contact.
  • How to kill Mites with Dust Insecticides
    Pyrethrin based chemical dust for mite control.
  • Mite Granules
    Mainly for outdoor use, granules are used to restrict and prevent mites from entering the home.

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Q. Mites are about to drive u8s out of our home permanently
We have been having problems with a invisible itching for about 8 months now and it is driving us crazy we have been teated for scabies and everything else but the crawling and itching sensation wont go away. recently we were told our vapor barrier under the house wasnt there and the under neath our house was very damp and it was sprayed for mold/mites and we are now waiting for the new vapor barrier to be replaced but mean while we are being eaten alive. Not only are we loosing endless night of sleep but it is about to drive my family crazy. We have had our carpetrs professionally cleaned countless times gotten rid of our furniture wrapped all our beds in plastic and sealed them up with duct tape vacum the carpets on a regular basis and we have bombed our house about every two weeks for the past couple months and it doesnt seem to be getting any better at all. Im desperate and looking for any help im tired of itching and getting poorer by the day trying to rid these little pest.
A.   Mites are very difficult to eradicate and treatment can be very tedious. It may take several treatments to gain relief from mites. We would recommend Onslaught and Exponent. Exponent is a synergist which will help enhance the effectiveness of the Onslaught pesticide. For immediate relief,some people have found applying baby oil on their skin to be helpful.
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Q. how to get rid of mites
What do you recommend to get rid of "invisible" mites?

For the control of mites, I would recommend a liquid insecticde with a long residual time such as Cyonara 7.9., Masterline Bifenthrin. Any of these products would work well for mites. Also, we have Demon WP, which is a wettable powder that targets mites as well.

If you are having mites problem while you sleep, we also have mattress encasements that prevent the mites to come out while you are asleep. Our mattress encasement product is on sale at the moment

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Q. How do I get rid of bird mites in a large aviary with 40 birds
A.   Unfortunately, we do not have any products that have bird mites on the label as a target pest. We apologize, but we are unable to assist you since we cannot recommend any products.
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Q. bites/rashes help!
Hi, I would love to talk with you. I do not know what is causing my rash of about 3-4 maybe 5 weeks. I am additionally having kind of super allergic reaction to the whole thing and have now been put on large dose oral steroids, to try to quiet the rash. I have been getting bites, and then hives from the bites, i think. In any case, i have had a bunch of bites, and daily major hives (hundreds). My husband has had a few bites. We were thinking it might be mites that live on rodents (squirrels/rats in the neighborhood/ & our property) that hitchhike on the dog (and my husband who is a treeclimber and he comes into contact with squirrels alot) into the house/bed, or bedbugs (which we have not seen, tho have thoroughly cleaned/turned the mattress and washed all bedding and have seen no evidence that several articles i have describe) of the bedbugs. If you can call me to talk about it, i would so appreciate it. Thanks so very much in advance. Would love to buy your material that would be helpful. Sincerely yours,
A.   Thank you for contacting us with your concern. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to identify a pest depending upon the bite marks or skin reaction because different people react differently to bites. One way to begin treatment for such situation is to first encase your mattress and box spring. You can also try setting up glue boards near your bed to see if you can catch anything. This way you will be able to better identify the pest.
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Q. How do I eradicate mites (soil / bird mites) from my home?
I was told that I have soil mites on my kitchen floor which may be coming from the skylight. I might also have bird mites from a dead bird I found in my lightwell. The mites are on the wall, on the floor in the cracks and in the grout on my tile, on my marble floor, and could also be on the hardwood floor, carpet and fabric/cushion chairs. They could be hiding in cracks of my wood cabinets. How do I kill these mites on all these surfaces as well as in fabric? I've called the professionals and they are no help.
A.   Unfortunately, we do not have any products that have bird mites or soil mites on the product label as a target pest. You may be able to use other insecticides that have mites on the label. We understand though, that bird mites are quite different than other mite species, in the ways that you eradicate them. Unfortunately though, we do not have any products that will kill bird mites. We apologize for being unable to better assist you.
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We have an aviary w diamond pigeons (6) and finch birds (approx 16, make and females) they are laying eggs, some have already hatch. Apparently we have a BIRD MITES infestation. My husband goes inside the aviary to feed and clean. He has rash all over his body w itch. Went to his Dermatology and that was the diagnosis. ~ my questions is: (1)which spray do you recommend to get rid of the mites. (2) what is the perimeter of infestation around the aviary. And last question (3) c are the bird mites carried on clothing inside the house and do they live and reproduce inside the home. Our grandchildren cannot visit us because of infestation. Please what do you advice? Thank you so much for your kindness!
A.   We know that bird mites are almost impossible to get rid of unless the source has been rid of because there is no way to treat the birds for the bird mites. Bird mites can be carried on clothes and brought inside. You can continue to treat the inside with a labeled insecticide as well as the perimeter of the aviary, however, you must be careful when applying pesticides around birds. There is no exact perimeter that the infestation is contained in. Unfortunately, we do not carry any pesticides that label bird mites as a target pest so we will not be able to direct you to a specific product. We apologize that we were not able to better assist you.
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