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Anyone who works with chemicals knows how messy and dangerous it can be. Spills are an especially hazardous situation that may occur. Along with spills, another major problem is the accumulation of organic matter and grease that augment as they are left untreated through time. Typical mop cleaning solutions simply relocate floor scum or break it up into smaller pieces that will eventually escalate into a larger problem. In order to protect the homeowner or business owner from the residue remaining from spills and to provide the best mopping solutions available, manufacturers have created two different but equally fantastic products that negate the need for other generic floor cleaning solutions.

Different Types of Mop Solutions

Pest Mall possesses two different types of floor cleaning solutions that have disparately unique, yet highly useful purposes. Although one is more for cleaning and the other is an actual pesticide, both mop solutions are quality products that are superb at executing their indicated jobs.

  • Bio Mop: After battling heavy roach, fly, termite, etc. infestations, homeowners and business owners are left with disgusting messes left behind by the troublesome pests. Roaches will leave behind droppings and body parts, flies will create scum and gunk, and so on. Homeowners may attempt to clean their floors using standard mopping solutions, but these will only partially wash around the waste instead of fully eliminating it and cleaning the floor. Bio Mop is a floor cleaning solution that will not only clean and sanitize floors, but will also eat away any organic matter build up. Salmonella and shigella free, this mop cleaning solution is composed of various microorganisms and strains of bacteria that break down fatty acids and therefore grease. In addition, Bio Mop can be utilized with a mop or a hose and can therefore also be used in drains. Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, and non-pathogenic, Bio Mop is a wonderful mop treatment that will leave floors clean and waste-free.
  • Mop Up Boric Acid Insecticide: The Mop Up Insecticide is a unique mopping solution in the sense that it actually kills and cleans. This mop treatment can be utilized in a variety of different areas, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and even restaurants. In addition to being odorless and invisible, Mop Up Boric Acid will retain its killing effect for several weeks. It targets cockroaches, silverfish, waterbugs, palmettobugs, and ants.

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Q. Will your boric acid cleaner kill centipedes?
I have an exterminator come every month but I keep seeing them every once in a while. I don't care about the environment, I just want them dead and out of my apartment. Will this do the trick? Also is it safe to use with pets? I have a cat. Thank you!
A.   No, centipedes are not on the label for the mop solutions and usually boric acid is not effective since it's not something that the centipedes ingest. Centipedes are occasional invaders and so they are not a large problem but their entry point should be located and rid of.
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