Mother Earth Dust Bed Bugs Powder - 8 oz.
Mother Earth Dust Bed Bugs Powder - 8 oz.

Mother Earth Dust Bed Bugs Powder - 8 oz.

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Mother Earth Dust Bed Bugs Powder - 8 oz.
1 bottle (8 oz.)
Mother Earth Dust is no longer available in this size, but is offered in another size. Mother Earth Diatomaceous Earth is available in the 10lbs. pail. If you are looking for the same sized bottle of dust, we recommend Alpine Dust Insecticide which is offered in the same 8 oz. bottle. Mother Earth is made of 100% Diatomaceous Earth but Alpine is made of just 95% Diatomaceous Earth and 0.25% Dinotefuran.
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Mother Earth D is an all natural product. Because of Mother Earth D's mildness, it is considered safe for pets and children. It consist of 100% diatomaceous earth which is the fossilized skeletal remains of a single celled phytoplankton commonly known as diatoms. Its main purpose is to dehydrate insects through a desiccating action. Due to its absorption properties, it hinders an insect's ability to sustain proper fluid levels which will inevitably lead to death. Unlike boric acid dust that works best when ingested, Mother Earth D only requires contact to be effective. Mother Earth D is odorless and is used most when controlling bed bugs (can also be used for other insects). Works well in cracks and crevices. Mother Earth D can be used indoors and outdoors.

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The MotherEarth D 8 oz. has been discontinued by manufacturer and replaced by Alpine Dust 8 oz. which is also a safe, reduced risk pest control product. The 10 lb. of MotherEarth D pail is still available here.

MotherEarth Dust Diatomaceous Earth - 8 oz.

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring substance with pesticidal known properties. MotherEarth is one of the safest insecticides available today. The product does not contain chemical insecticides but rivals the performance of chemically based pesticides. Much like boric acid, diatomaceous earth is composed of microscopic abrasive particles that cut through insect exoskeletons. These particles are also excellent moisture absorbers, contaminated insects are dehydrated and they are killed eventually.

Why Should You Use?

Diatomaceous earth is a powerful residual that does not decompose or dissolve. Expect the most lasting residual with MotherEarth Pest Control Dust.

Target Pest(s): Ants, Cockroaches, Earwigs, Fleas, Mites, Spiders and other Crawling Insects
Manufactured By: Whitmire Micro-Gen
Active Ingredient: Diatomaceous Earth - 100%
Size: 8 oz.
Yield/Application: See product label
Not For Sale To: No Restrictions

Directions for Use

We recommend applying MotherEarth Diatomaceous Dust with a Bellow duster or a Centrobulb duster for best application.

FOR ANTS, COCKROACHES, EARWIGS, SPIDERS AND OTHER CRAWLING INSECTS: Apply to infested areas using a hand duster. Apply lightly to cracks and crevices, crawlspaces, along baseboards, around sinks, cabinets, refrigerators, stoves and in attics and basements.

IN FOOD HANDLING AREAS: Use the product for crack and crevice or spot treatments in food/feed handling areas. Remove or cover food in treatment area before applications. Limit spot treatments to floors and walls. Apply in dry areas for best results. Repeat treatment as necessary.

FOR FLEAS: Treat pet resting areas, beddings, sleeping quarters, rugs and carpets by applying evenly a thin coat of the product over these areas. Rake the carpets and rugs after applications in order for the dust to penetrate the fabric. Leave for overnight treatment. Treat cracks and crevices, baseboards and other areas where fleas may find entrance. Repeat applications if necessary.

OUTDOOR USE: Apply using hand dusters and similar dust application equipment. Treat perimeters, ant trails, foundations, window sills and frames and other possible pest entry points. Repeat treatments if necessary.

Where to Apply

MotherEart D is for use indoors and outdoors of residential, commercial, industrial buildings and food/feed handling areas.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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