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Mouse Control Kit
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There are times when you continue to use just one product and no matter how much or how many times you treat your home or business, there are just minimal results or maybe no result at all. That may be because you are not using the products in the correct manner or sometimes, the products provide optimal control only when they are used in conjunction with other products. The technicians here at Pest Mall understand that each product is good for a specific use or a specific area. Moreover, we understand that the safety of your family is the first priority. Some of the products have a higher chemical content than regular “over-the-counter” products and we understand that some homeowners might be skeptical in using the products. That is exactly the reason why our technicians have put together a variety of kits with all the best products. Each kit is purposely made with different types and quantities of each product to control in the best way, whatever infestation you are dealing with.

Our technicians at Pest Mall has put together the most effective kits with all the best products that will help you eliminate the mouse infestations in all areas.

Why Use a Mouse Control Kit

Pest Mall has put together a variety of kits with all the best products to eliminate any mouse infestation that has invaded both residential areas and commercial areas. The products that are included in the mouse control kits are all professional grade products and the same products that your pest control management company is using. This also means that you can trust that these products are effective and will provide optimal control. The kits have been put together with all the necessary products like bait stations, glue boards for trapping, rodenticides, snap traps, and the basic mouse control kit even includes a hormonal attractant that lures the mouse.

Some of the kits that Pest Mall provides are poison based, which are great for outdoor control. Rodenticides are an ingestion poison and have a secondary kill effect. Therefore, if it is consumed by a non-target animal, they could potentially be harmed. That is why we’ve also included bait stations to protect your children and non-target animals from consuming poisons that are meant to be used to kill mice. Other kits are non-poison based, which will provide mice control for indoor areas. The use of snap traps in conjunction with glue boards in the spots where mice are likely to travel will prove to be effective in mice control indoors. Our most popular indoor mouse control kit also comes with Provoke Mouse Attractant which is irresistible to mice.

How to Effectively Use a Mouse Control Kit

For indoor control of mice, we recommend the Mouse Control Kit. If you have curious pets or children, use snap traps behind appliances and under other furniture. The mouth of the snap trap should face the direct path of travel. In other words, the mouth should be face the wall or base board. The T-Rex snap traps that are included in the kits have a removable and replaceable bait cup so that you do not have to worry about hurting yourself while the trap is open. While keeping the trap closed, remove the bait cup, place a couple drops of the Provoke attractant in the cup and place the trap in the assigned areas. Use glue boards in more open areas. Keep in mind that mice travel with one side to the wall, therefore, place traps against base board areas or along the walls and corners. If you do not have small children or curious pets, it is fine to use snap traps in open areas as long as you do not disturb them.

For outdoor control, we recommend the poison based mouse control kits. Poisons work great outside and they naturally bait the mice because the mice forage on the blox as food. Although you can use them inside, it is not guaranteed that the mice will make it outdoors before they die, which means that it might be impossible to find their carcass in the house. This can cause offensive odors and may even attract other mice into the house.

All products, especially rodenticides, are only effective when used correctly. If there are any concerns or questions about the products, feel free to contact a technician here at Pest Mall.

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