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Mouse Glue Traps
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Our technicians here at Pest Mall respect that your first priority is the safety of your children and pets. Although rodents are a huge nuisance and can contaminate the food that you eat, some of the rodenticides, as well as the snap traps, can potentially be very harmful to use. In order to protect your family from the potential dangers of using highly chemically based products and the harmful nature of snap traps, manufacturers in the industry have created glue boards. Glue boards are the safest products in the market right now for rodent control. Moreover, just because they are the safe alternative to poisons and snap traps, it does not disqualify their efficacy. Glue traps are one of the most traditional, yet efficient, products on the market right now for rodent control. As a homeowner, you can trust that with glue traps, you will be able to gain control of the mice that have invaded your home.

Mouse glue traps are not only the safest methods of mice control, but they are ultimately one of the most effective methods of mice control. Here at Pest Mall, there is a wide variety of mouse glue traps that you can choose from.

Why Use Mouse Glue Traps

Glue traps are efficient without using any type of toxic bait. This decreases the chances of poisoning non-target animals, which may very well be your cat or dog. Also, because they do not use toxic poisons to bait or trap the mice, they can be used in a variety of sensitive areas that may prohibit or discourage the use of poisons. These places include food processing areas like kitchens, restaurants, food plants as well as in residential homes, nursing homes, hospitals, zoos, and etc. Also, mouse glue boards are not only a safe alternative to rodenticides, but they are also inexpensive alternatives. Glue boards are easy to use and easy to set up. Unlike snap traps and big bait stations that hold poison baits, mice are less likely to be suspicious of the low profile glue traps. Also, glue boards provide assurance. When homeowners are using poisons to kill mice, they cannot be sure where the location of the carcass is. Unlike using poisons that can ultimately lead to odors in the house and hazards that are unpredictable, mouse glue boards get stuck on the board and homeowners are able to check daily in the assigned location.

How to Effectively Use Mouse Glue Traps

Simply, place the glue boards directly in the paths of travel. This is going to be the corners where the floor will meet the side wall, along the base boards. Usually, homeowners can find concentrated areas where the mice will visit frequently by looking for such signs as mice fur, feces, or damaged materials. The low profile of the mice glue boards allow the trap to be efficient without having the mice detect that the traps are there at all. The mice instantly entangle themselves on the trap and eventually starve to death or suffocate to death from too much stress that is applied on the body.

If by any chance a child or a pet is stuck on the trap, simply apply a light coat of vegetable oil to remove the mouse glue trap.

Mouse glue traps must be checked daily. If there is a mouse that has been caught on the mouse glue board, gloves must be worn before disposing of the mouse. This is to prevent any chance of disease transmission. Place the glue board and the carcass in a plastic bag and dispose of the bag.

Keep in mind that mouse glue boards are much smaller than rat glue boards. It will not catch rats because rats require larger traps that use stronger glue.

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Q. how to set a mouse trap
Thanks. I look forward to receiving them. With your mouse trapping expertise...what do you suggest as the best bait - cheese, peanut butter, something else? Thanks...
A.   Peanut butter has been highly effective or you can use something called Provoke, which is a mouse and rat attractant. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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