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Mice traps are one of the most effective ways to capture mice and ultimately eradicate the mouse infestation that has invaded your home. Before professionals choose poisons and products with toxic chemicals, they will choose traps to honor the safety of your home. Not only are traps effective in mouse control, but mouse traps are economical in that they do not cost a lot of money to buy. Moreover, they are re-useable and it is unnecessary to continue to buy new traps.

The mice traps that are provided here are manufactured by some of the biggest industry leaders in the rodent control market today. You can also trust that these products will work because these are the same traps that the professionals are using to control mice infestations nationwide. For more information on the types of mice traps that are available here, please continue to read or feel free to contact us.

Why Use Mouse Traps

Mice traps are fast and effective alternatives to poison baits in areas that are chemical sensitive or in areas where the poisons will be hazardous to children, pets, and non-target wildlife animals. Most of the traps have been tested and designed to deliver a fast result and they are naturally attractive to mice especially for smaller infestations. Furthermore, mouse traps give homeowners and pest control management companies a visual result. What that means is that, unlike mice that have died in an inconspicuous area after ingesting poison, one the mouse is trapped, it remains there. This also means that removal is made easier as well, which decreases the chance of unattractive and offensive odors.

Basic Types

There are three different types of mice traps that are available here at Pest Mall. They are the top three types of traps that are the most commonly used to control mice infestations inside and outside the house.

  • Snap Traps: Snap traps are the one most traditional form of mouse traps that are still available on the market right now. The reason why they are still available is because snap traps are not only the most traditional, but they are one of the most effective ways to eradicate mice in your house. The new state of the art designs of the snap traps that are out today assure homeowners and pest control management companies all over the country that a mouse will not be able to escape once they are caught. Snap traps are designed with a powerful spring so that anything that triggers it will get caught instantly.
  • Multi-Catch Live Mouse Traps: Live traps are preferred by many homeowners because of the humane way of catching mice. The multi-catch live mouse traps are specifically made to catch a large number of mice at one time and any given multi-catch live mouse trap can hold anywhere between 15 to 30 mice. There is no real bait that is required for this trap to be effective. Naturally, mice like to investigate new entrance holes in their paths of travel and they simply enter the trap and get stuck inside. Also, when one mouse is caught in there, they are attracted to the mice inside and follow their scent inside. Once mice are caught in the trap, simply drive out a few miles from the home and release them. OR use glue boards inside the trap to assure that they will be stuck in there and dispose of the mice.
  • Glue Board : Glue board traps are one of the safest methods of mice control that is being used by homeowners and pest control companies. Generally, mouse glue traps are used indoors. They do not use any type of toxic bait and because of their low profile, mice are not suspicious of the trap. Once the mice get stuck on the trap, they immediately entangle themselves in the glue. Extreme exhaustion and stress on the body ultimately leads to their death. Check the traps daily and when a mouse is caught, simply dispose of the mouse.

Tips of Use for Traps

If bait will be used, it is best to place baits a few times before the mice traps are placed. This will decrease chances of suspicion. Also, alternate food sources should be removed as much as possible. If there are competitive foods surrounding the traps, there is a less likely chance that mice will take the bait in the trap. All the traps should be kept in good, working condition. This is because mice are easily frightened and will not respond to traps that are obviously not a part of their normal travel. Wear gloves when you are disposing of the carcass. This will prevent disease transmission. Likewise, do not touch your pets before you handle the traps. Cats and dogs are natural predators of mice that the mice can smell which will prevent them from approaching the trap.

Keep in mind that some of the traps do use inhumane ways to trap mice. Some are more effective than others and alternatively, some traps are the most effective with used in conjunction with other mouse control methods.

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