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With growing concerns about the present and future conditions of our planet, the demand for environmentally friendly and non-toxic products is on the rise. In concurrence, manufacturers and Pest Mall cooperate to administer abundant amounts of natural and botanical pesticide alternatives. However, we ask that homeowners and business owners keep in mind that just because a product is natural or organic does not necessarily mean that it is non-toxic. All chemicals and pesticides have some level of toxicity, though they may be less toxic than others. Natural pesticides, organic pesticides, non-toxic products, and “green” products are all distinctly disparate from each other, so one must clearly establish which type is desired.

Difference Between Natural, Organic, Non-toxic and “Green” Products

Homeowners and business owners often confuse these four terms, assuming that they all imply the same meaning. However, natural, organic, non-toxic, and green all entitle different meanings and products. The only common characteristic each label shares is that the products under it will definitely be at least safer to use and more environmentally friendly than their chemical based counterparts.

  • Natural Products: Natural products are created and derived from naturally occurring plants and minerals. Mineral-based products typically are sold in dust form. Products made from plants or parts of plants are called botanical pesticides. Due to the fact that they tend to disintegrate rapidly in comparison to chemical products, botanical pesticides are not widely popular. The only type still currently utilized is pyrethrins. Although derived from nature, these pesticides are still toxic to some degree and should not be regarded as completely harmless to living organisms or the environment. Some examples of natural products include CB-Boric Acid Dust and Eco-Exempt IC-2 Insecticide.
  • Organic Products: Organic products are similar to natural products in how they are created; derived from nature and virtually untouched and not modified by human means, organic pesticides are another natural alternative for consumers. The main characteristic that sets them apart from natural pesticides is that organic ones meet the requirements and guidelines established by The Organic Act. However, they are still toxic to some extent, though they tend to be less toxic for mammals. Unfortunately, Pest Mall does not carry any organic products.
  • Non-toxic Products: Pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides, and so forth can NEVER be classified as non-toxic products. In fact, the words non-toxic and pesticide will never be used consecutively; as long as a pesticide will kill even the tiniest pest, it cannot be labeled as non-toxic. As a result, only mechanical traps and products are truly non-toxic. Glue traps, snap traps, and monitors are examples of non-toxic products that Pest Mall offers. Some recommended products are the 4 Allure Moth Trap and the Trapper Monitor and Insect Trap.
  • Green Products: “Green” is not a word to describe pest control products; rather, it is a concept. As one already probably knows, efforts to be “green” have been augmenting drastically by encouraging activities such as recycling and using public transportation. In order to follow these examples, Pest Mall offers products that can help the consumer be more “green,” so long as he or she follows proper IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocol. IPM regulations call for 6 steps: inspect, identify, monitor, exclude, sanitize, and treat. By following these rules and utilizing the least potent yet effective pesticide, homeowners can be more “green” and reduce the amount of damage done to the environment.

If unsure of the benefits or side effects of a certain pesticide, one may read the product label or MSDS sheet of the product to shed some more light on the matter. However, if one still is unsure of certain aspects about the product, please do not hesitate to call Pest Mall at 1-800-788-4142.

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Q. have carpet beetles and have cats
have carpet beetles and have pets ,have found larve in areas where cats sleep and near base boards of chests and bed. would like a product that can be used around pets to control and get rid of beetles, i may have repeated my msg, think first did not get thru.
A.   You can kill carpet beetles by using the product 565 Plus XLO on base boards and in cracks and crevices. Always make sure that treated areas have completely dried before you or your pets reenter.
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Q. difference between EcoExempt D and EcoExempt DX
A.   The active ingredients are the main difference between EcoExempt D and EcoExempt DX. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. small insects sometimes bite. Like to enter mouthn
nose,ears. Attracted to water and food, especially sweets. I recently spent several weeks in Hawaii. These bugs caN FLY AND COME IN 2 SIZES, ONE SMALLER THAN A PIN HEAD AND BLACK,, ONE A LITTLE LARGER WINGED, BLACK ON TOP, GRAY STOMACH.
A.   It is difficult to identify the pest with just a verbal description and without actually seeing the pest. You can email us at and we will try to identify it for you, however, it is best to take a sample to a local entomologist or a local pest control company and they should be able to identify the pest for you. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. Would Diatomcious Earth kill milipedes?
Doing vegetable gardening in large tubs in a greenhouse and needing something natural to use to kill millipedes.
A.   The Mother Earth D Diatomaceous Earth we carry is listed to kill millipedes however it is not food grade and cannot be applied to food.
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