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Odor Eliminator
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Due to their chemical composition, many, if not all, pesticides have at least a faint, distinct odor to them. While some pesticides emit odors that are not as noticeable as others, some homeowners and business owners may wish to create a completely chemical scent-free area. Aware of this common desire, manufacturers have created a product solely for eliminating the source of foul-smelling stenches. While it cannot kill any pests, it will directly bombard the actual cause of an odor, eating through even drain scum, to ultimately capture and remove the odor. Although this odor eliminator does not work in the same fashion as a typical air freshener, it will still efficiently and cleanly attack the source of most putrid smells.

Benefits of the Odor Eliminator

When manufacturers created Bac-A-Zap Odor Eliminator, they did so with the clever idea of fabricating an odor eliminator that achieves more than simply masking an unpleasant smell. With its mixture of numerous strains of specifically modified bacteria, Bac-A-Zap tackles the fundamental core of a stench, consuming even other organic matter to effectively eliminate the unappetizing fragrance for the customer. Because this product was formed with the customer’s preferences in mind, it can also be altered and utilized as foam. Simply use it in conjunction with a foam applicator and administer it to any hard-to-reach places, such as wall voids and gutters. Due to the fact that Bac-A-Zap was specially designed to be utilized in foam form, one does not need to dilute it when depositing it into the foam applicator. This odor eliminator can be utilized in multiple different areas, including walls, floors, and even carpets. It will even break down the drain scum that drain flies and other flies inhabit. However, when using the odor eliminator in relatively untouched drains, rinse the drain out with a few gallons of warm water first.

How to Apply the Odor Remover

When applying Bac-A-Zap to certain areas, read the product label first to ensure that it is being utilized properly and optimally. Failure to abide by the directions listed on the product label could result in the unpleasant smell remaining the same or even bodily harm. In certain areas, such as carpets, utilizing the liquid spray form of the deodorizer may be more beneficial or practical over the foam form. Different areas also require different dilution rates or application rates. For instance, one should mix 6-8 ounces of the odor eliminator with one gallon of water when deodorizing compost. Bac-A-Zap may also be used as a fogger in confined areas such as attics at a two parts water to one part Bac-A-Zap ratio. This odor eliminator should not be fogged in areas where humans or pets are present. In most situations, the area where the odor eliminator is about to be applied must be cleaned beforehand to expedite the process of the odor eliminating. In addition, because it is a slightly toxic chemical product one should never apply it in areas where it may come into contact with food or anything else that may come into contact with a person’s mouth.

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Q. we just bought a remodeled home, there was a lingering smell and we researched and found the attic loaded with cat feces and pee. we have removed insulation and was thinking of spraying the survafaces of the attic with an enzyme, and then saw your fogger and foams, how dow your product fit this need. thank you
A.   I would recommend the use of Bag-A-Zap. Bag-A-Zap is an odor eliminator and targets and breaks down organic matters which could be causing the lingering smell.
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