Optimate CS - 16 oz. (Not for sale to: AK, NY)
Optimate CS - 16 oz. (Not for sale to: AK, NY) Optimate CS - 16 oz. (Not for sale to: AK, NY)

Optimate CS - 16 oz. (Not for sale to: AK, NY)

SKU: CS699
Optimate CS - 16 oz. (Not for sale to: AK, NY)
1 Bottle (16 oz.)

Optimate CS is a microencapsulated insecticide that utilizes a CapVantage Technology. This powerful insecticide can be used on and around buildings to control a select number of listed pests. Use Optimate CS on areas like lawns, ornamental plants, parks, recreational areas, athletic fields, pet kennels and around areas like residential or public buildings.

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Optimate CS - 16 oz.

CSI Optimate CS is a microencapsulated insecticide that controls listed pests on a variety of areas. It can be used a general surface treatment as well as a crack/crevice or spot treatment in areas like in or around buildings, parks, on plants, and etc. Optimate CS utilizes a CapVantage Technology that utilizes a powerful active ingredient that is a single, biologically active isomer, which allows for the same strength delivery, but only uses half the use rate of a regular Lamba-Cyhalothrin active ingredient based product. For example, in a university testing, Gamma-cyhalothrin (the active ingredient in Optimate CS) killed 100% of big-headed ants over twice as fast after 4 weeks than the frequently used Lambda-Cyhalothrin active ingredient based product.

Target Pest(s): Flies, Fleas, mosquitoes, ants, bees, wasps, crickets, pillbugs, scorpions, sowbugs, spiders, litter beetles, ticks, and many more listed.
Manufactured By: Control Solutions
Active Ingredient: Gamma-cyhalothrin - 5.9%
Size: 16 oz.

Use Optimate CS on and around buildings and structures and control listed pests on lawns, ornamental trees and shrubs, around residential, institutional, public, commercial, agricultural, and industrial buildings as well as in other areas like parks, recreational areas, and athletic fields.

Refer to the product label for complete dilution ratios and application instructions as well as a list of target pests.

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