Oriental Cockroach Control

Oriental Cockroach Control
Size : 1"
Color Dark brown to black
Infestation : Dark and damp places
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Oriental Cockroach Control

Oriental cockroaches are one of the less popular household pests. Regardless, they are a nuisance and like most other species of cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches can be vectors of some serious disease pathogens. Despite its common name, Oriental cockroaches are not natives to the eastern region. Rather, they are native insects of northern Africa and have been carried over to different countries by ship. Today, the Oriental cockroach species are found infesting countries all over the world, including the United States.

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Oriental Cockroach Identification

Male Oriental cockroaches differ in size and minute physical attributes to female Oriental cockroaches. Adult males are about 1 inch long and females are a little bit bigger at 1.25 inches long. The wings of male Oriental cockroaches extend much further then the wings of females. The female wings are extremely reduced and merely look like wing pads rather than fully developed wings. Male wings do not cover the entire abdomen but rather cover only up to 2/3 of the abdomen. They are usually a shiny black color, although some Oriental cockroaches look like a deep reddish brown color. Although they possess wings, Oriental cockroaches do not fly. Both female and male Oriental cockroaches taper at the ends of their bodies to a point. Oriental cockroach nymphs are a reddish brown color and the early instars or the younger nymphs are a brighter color whereas the older nymphs are a darker reddish brown. Unlike the adults, they do not posses wings and they also have a broader and rounder tapering tip at the ends of their bodies. They are the widest near the center of the bodies but it is very subtle.

Egg capsules are initially a reddish brown color when they are deposited by the female; however, as the eggs approach hatching time, they turn into a black color. They are about 8 mm to 10 mm long and the furrows do not extend across the entire egg capsule. On average, there are about 8 eggs on each side of the egg capsule.

The Life Cycle of Oriental Cockroaches

If all conditions are favorable, the complete developmental time from the egg to an adult takes anywhere from a complete year to a little over 2 complete years. The developmental time of Oriental cockroaches all really depends on the temperature of the environment. Ordinary room conditions allow the Oriental cockroaches to develop at an average rate of 575 days for males and about 600 days for females. Females do not carry egg capsules for a long time. She will usually deposit the egg capsule to a warm protected area that is near an adequate food source only 30 hours after she produces it. Generally, females deposit about 8 egg capsules and each capsule contains about 16 eggs each.

Oriental Cockroach Behavior

Unlike some other cockroach species, Oriental cockroaches survive well in outdoor environments and will spend a lot of their time outside. Usually, breeding sites or harborage sites will be under large stones, leaf litter, build up and debris. They also infest areas like the crawl space and wall void areas. Oriental cockroaches even survive for some duration during freezing temperatures.

Oriental cockroaches will enter a structure by any means. They can enter through any crack or crevice that will allow them to fit through, utility pipes that enter the building, under regular doors and sliding door frames, through vents that have broken or no screen, and etc. However, inside, they are the most commonly seen in areas like the basements, lower areas of the structure, wine cellars, and crawl spaces. They are often spotted maneuvering around and near water pipes. Many homeowners will complain of Oriental cockroaches because of their filthy nature. Oriental cockroaches feed on any foods; however, they prefer decaying matter and will even feed on rotting garbage and filth. They also give off a strong odor that is offensive to people.

How to Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches

The standard control methods of cockroach control will apply to Oriental cockroaches. This includes properly labeled residual sprays and the use of cockroach baits in the gel form or in the granular form. When you are treating your home for Oriental cockroach infestations, you may want to focus on the lower levels of the home and areas of high moisture and humidity like basements, crawl spaces, and floor drains. Also, because Oriental cockroaches spend a lot of time outdoors and also nest outdoors, an outdoor perimeter treatment with a microencapsulated formula or a wet-able powder insecticide is necessary to kill Oriental cockroaches in and around the house. Outdoors, a broadcast treatment of granules that kill on contact may prove to be effective as well.

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Q. oriental cockroach in house
how to get rid of oriental cockroaches
A.   Oriental cockroaches are outdoor roaches that forage for food inside. To make sure you keep them out, you must inspect for any potential entry points. This will be any cracks and crevices that are around the structure. Cracks on doors, windows, and also any utility pipes may also serve as potential entry points. Also, check that all screening is correctly adjusted to windows and doors.

Also, consider using chemical means to create a barrier. A barrier treatment will involve an insecticide that has the target pest labeled. You must spray 4 ft up from the base of the structure and 4 ft out on the ground from the base of the structure around the entire perimeter of the structure. Also, remember to spray around and pipes, windows, and door frames.
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Q. Do all oriental cockroaches have those little protrustions and the base of their tails.
A.   Males are lighter in color and have longer wings that cover the appendages. Although you will be able to see the appendages on a female much more clearly, the males do have them as well. They are just not as visible on the males than they are on females.
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Q. Outdoor Issue
Most products list roaches as a target pest but does that include outdoor oriental roaches? I just want a product to put down and keep them off my property because I have searched for voids/filled any gaps/etc and still have them invading... HELP!!!
A.   Out of 4000 species of cockroaches known world wide, there are 40 species of cockroaches that mainly infest parts of North America. Most labels will only name a few of the common roaches because they cannot fit all species of all the insects on the labels. Oriental Roaches are outdoor roaches that occasionally forage indoors in search for food. Similar to other outdoor roaches such as American, or Brown-banded roaches, Oriental roaches can be treated with residual insecticides such as Suspend SC or Demand CS.
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