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Orthene Pco Pellets -1 Box (NOT FOR SALE AK, CT, IN, ND, NY  )
Orthene Pco Pellets -1 Box (NOT FOR SALE AK, CT, IN, ND, NY  )

Orthene Pco Pellets -1 Box (NOT FOR SALE AK, CT, IN, ND, NY )

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Orthene Pco Pellets -1 Box (NOT FOR SALE AK, CT, IN, ND, NY  )
1 Box (10 packets )

Orthene PCO is specially formulated with a unique active ingredient to control pesticide-resistant pests. The product is highly effective against cockroaches and is also potent to pests such as ants, crickets and pantry pests. Orthene PCO comes in the form of water-soluble pellets that can be mixed with water to form solutions for residual control of target pests. orthene pco pellets new york

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Orthene PCO Pellets -1 Box (10 packets)

Orthene PCO is a restricted-use insecticide for use only by professional pest control applicators. Used primarily for residual control of common household pests, Orthene Pellets are ideal complements to baits and other control products. Fast-acting, long lasting and economical, this product guarantees to control light and heavy infestations of even the most persistent pests.

Why Should You Use Orthene PCO Pellets?

Orthene PCO eliminates hard to control pests resistant to other insecticides. Orthene produces exceptional results when used together with compatible products.

Target Pest(s): Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets, Firebrats, Earwigs, Pillbugs, Sowbugs, Wasps and Pantry Pests (Confused Flour Beetles, Indian Meal Moths and Trogoderma)
Manufactured By: AMVAC
Active Ingredient: Acephate - 97.4%
Size: 1.4 oz
Not For Sale To: AK, CT, NY

Directions for Orthene PCO Pellets Use

Orthene PCO Pellets can be used for residual control of targeted pests by applying diluted solutions containing 0.75% or 1.0% of active ingredient. Use 0.75% active ingredient content for light infestations and 1.0% for heavy infestations.


Apply the product as a coarse spray, spot spray, crack and crevice spray to infested areas. Pay particular attention to cracks, crevices, voids, under sinks, under and behind refrigerators, appliances where pests are normally found. Maximum efficiency against cockroaches is reached around 3-7 days from applications.


Apply as a spot application using 0.5% to 0.10% dilutions to wasp nest entrances and surrounding areas. For best results, treat nests early or late in the day where wasps are less active:


Apply 0.5% to 0.10% Orthene PCO dilutions to a band of soil measuring 6 to 10 feet adjacent to structures. Treat foundations to a height of 2 to 3 feet and coat/spray building surfaces such as window sills, frames, screens, eaves, garages, patios and garbage areas.


Dissolve 1.4 ounces of Orthene PCO Pellets to 9 gallons of water. Uniformly apply the finished solution over mounds and its immediate surroundings.

Where to Use Orthene PCO Pellets

Use Orthene PCO Pellets to treat infestations in Industrial, Institutional, and Commercial Buildings including Restaurants, Warehouses, Stores, Hospitals, Hotels, Manufacturing Plants and Ships.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the product label.

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