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Pest Control Kit
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Pest control kits are assembled to encompass the basic, yet thorough products required to treat the targeted pest. Pest Mall offers a multitude of kits for major, common pest infestations, even providing multiple ones for particularly varied or tricky problems. While some kits may contain fewer quantities of products than the others, they are all effective in at least controlling pest infestations. In order to accommodate the broadest variety of customers, Pest Mall also offers kits for specific states that have austere restrictions on the transit of pesticides. Essentially, if the pest population becomes uncontrollably and disconcertingly large, these kits will handle the problem while also saving the customer the trouble and money of having to purchase multiple different pest control products.

When selecting a kit, please establish the type of the infestation first; is it outdoors or indoors, large or small, for residential or commercial areas? After pinpointing the type of infestation, thoroughly investigate the benefits of each type of kit and choose the one best qualified for the specific infestation in the area.

Different Types of Pest Control Kits

Due to the varying possible sizes of pest infestations, Pest Mall offers several varieties of kits for target pests. Although the pest control kits are all different, the insecticide ones and the other pest ones disparately generally contain similar products.

  • Flea Control Kits: There are several different flea control kits to tackle different size and types of flea infestations. Of the three different kits offered, one is for general flea control, another for cats and dogs, and yet another for both indoor and outdoor use. Each kit contains at least one pressurized insecticide spray, which can be used to spray on the source of the fleas, such as near furniture or on pet beds. Since aerosols tend to have shorter residual times, some of the kits also include a liquid insecticide that can be applied on the inner parameters of an infested home to kill fleas in carpets and cracks and crevices. In addition to all these products, each kit contains a Petcor spray which is gentle enough to be sprayed directly on pets.
  • Rodent Control Kits: The couple of rodent control kits provided are centered on trapping rodents. Although one kit is more for rats while the other is for mice, both will be equally effective in controlling the target pests’ populations. The mouse control kit includes glue traps and snap traps, combining two of the most successful trapping methods into one kit. The other rodent kit contains bait blocks and a bait station, which will aide in killing the rodents in an inconspicuous way.
  • Ant Control Kit: Pest Mall provides a simple yet efficient ant kit that will control and kill most species of ants. Included in the kit are bait stations, granular ant bait, and an ant bait gel. Compiled to attack both outdoor and indoor ant populations, the ant control kit will extensively eliminate the ants and their colony, in rain or shine.
  • Roach Control Kits: In an effort to provide the best protection and eradication method possible for cockroaches, Pest Mall has accumulated several essential products that anyone with a roach infestation will need. One of the products, Gentrol, which is universal to all three kits, is an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) that will basically prevent adult cockroaches from reproducing and larvae from growing into adults. Each kit also contains a bait gel that will act as a delay-kill effect to kill the contaminated roaches as well as any other ones they come in contact with. Some kits contain a liquid insecticide, dust insecticide, or glue traps to further combat cockroach populations. The liquid insecticides will provide perimeter treatments, dusts will provide crack and crevice treatments, and glue traps will provide insecticide-free control. In addition, a gallon sprayer is included in a few kits to facilitate applying pesticides around the infested area.

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