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Pest Control Spray
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The general assumption is that keeping a clean house means it is germ and pest free. We think that if we vacuum everyday and make sure no food is left around, insect pests would have no reason to be in our homes. While it is true that food does attract bugs, it is not the only reason why they visit our homes. Pests are also attracted to the warm and damp spots of our homes. Warmth is something that pests have a difficult time finding in a natural environment so the nooks and crannies in our homes are the perfect nesting spots for all kinds of pests from cockroaches to fleas, lice, ants, termites and bed bugs.

Keep in mind that all product labels and MSDS labels must be read carefully to ensure the safety of your family and pets during application of any pest control aerosol spray.

Bug Spray

Any pests could potentially infest our homes and create a nest in any assessable crevice. Once you spot signs of an infestation in your house, it is your job to make sure you do everything possible to rid your house of this unfortunate invasion. If the quest for the perfect pest control solution is what brought you to Pest Mall, you came to the right place. We offer some of the best pest control sprays that you can find in the market today.

Insecticide Spray

Pest control aerosol sprays have the advantage of being able to reach places where other pest control methods cannot. You could use the spray for hard to reach places like behind heavy equipment, walls voids, under furniture, in the bathroom, under sinks and more. Most professional pest control agencies use one form or another of insecticide aerosols, the only difference is that they charge a hefty price for it. The same bug sprays are available at Pest Mall and will get the same job done at a fraction of the cost.

Pest control aerosol sprays are one of the most effective forms of insect control as they can be sprayed directly for an instant kill or can be used to treat certain areas of infestation leaving a residual effect. Stop wasting your time chasing bugs with a swatter. Just pick up a can of pest control aerosol spray from Pest Mall and take control of your bug problem like a professional. Take off the lid, aim it at your targeted pest and press the trigger for instant pest eradication.

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Q. I have ants in my new Honda car
I have ants in my new car and the Honda dealership is spraying the entire car inside and out using Bayer Pest and germ control spray. I had to leave my car and I am picking it up today. Is this spray harmful and cancer causing to me because it is being sprayed under rugs etc in my car?
A.   Most pest and germ control sprays are designed to be used in areas that may be occupied by persons after the chemical has fully dried on the treated surface. We cannot be for certain if you will be facing negative side effects from the applied insecticide because everyone reacts differently to different chemicals due to allergic reactions. This may be something you will need to discuss with your local physician if other health issues may be of a concern.
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Q. bug control spray
I really have problems with ants roaches and spiders, i would like to know if demon max is good and will it kill a dog because someone told me it would, but i heard it was a great insect killer and i would like to know
A.   We would like to inform you that we no longer carry Demon Max. However, as for information on the product, Demon Max is a powerful insect killer and it is a broad spectrum insecticide and so it will kill a wide variety of insects. Once it is diluted with water, applied on to surfaces, and left alone to dry, it is safe for even children and pets to reenter. However, if your pet ingests the chemical in the concentrate form or if you misuse the product by over applying it, not diluting it enough, allowing them to reenter before it is dry, then there are high chances of poisoning or harm.
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