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Phantom II Aerosol Spray - 17.5 oz. (NOT FOR SALE TO NY,CT)
5 of 5 Stars!
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Review : Phantom II Aerosol Spray - 17.5 oz. (NOT FOR SALE TO NY,CT)

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5 of 5 Stars!December 31, 2010
By Michelle Ho
We had huge problems with bed bugs. It was frustrating and my tolerance was running low. I called for a professional to come out and treat, costing me a fortune. When they came out I made sure I took notes of what they used and how they used it. After four cans of Phantom Pressurized Insecticide I got a bill that slapped me in the face. I couldn’t believe what they were charging, but I will admit that I was able to sleep peacefully that night. Phantom Pressurized Spray really works. I bought four cans yesterday just to have if they ever come back.
5 of 5 Stars!works wellMarch 06, 2013
By Jerry
rec'd shippment with two days great response. seems to do the job as advertised
5 of 5 Stars!July 05, 2011
By Tina Swanson
Phantom bed bug spray proved itself and is a really great product, the best in the market.
5 of 5 Stars!October 28, 2011
By Arsalan Ahmed Mughal
Neither Termites nor Bugs, Phantom Pressurized Insecticide is enough alone for whole the types of insects, in the most affordable price. I really very liked it.
5 of 5 Stars!July 29, 2011
By Charlie Currin
My grandmother lives in a rural area so I don’t get to visit her much as I would like. I found out she’s been dealing with bed bugs and it just broke my heart knowing that she was suffering. She can’t afford professional treatment so I decided to take matters into my own hands and be her knight in shining armor. I took six cans of Phantom Pressurized Insecticide and treated the whole house while my mom took her shopping. Great results because I brought some peace of mind to my grandma. I stopped by twice to re-treat with Phantom Spray and she’s been doing well ever since.
5 of 5 Stars!August 12, 2010
By Peter McNamara
My bed bug problem was getting out of hand and it was crucial I do something now before it became unmanageable. I went online and found pestmall who recommended Phantom bed bug spray. It worked great, but there is a downside to it. Cleaning up dead bed bugs is almost as disgusting as getting bit by one. I’ve been bed bug free for over 6 months now.
5 of 5 Stars!July 27, 2011
By Hugh Rich
Keeping the house clean and away from insects and pests is such a ‘not-an-easy’ task. I could not afford to risk the health of my family. So I always have this Phantom Aerosol with me to keep my family safe against ants and other pests.
3 of 5 Stars!It works great but bewareJune 03, 2013
By bugkiller (NC)
It works great but this is serious stuff. You have to wear long sleeves, pants, shoes and it can only be applied in specific void areas. So behind cabinets or between areas where you normally don't put things. I only had a few places that I could use it. I'm going to give it to my exterminator and buy the spray boric acid instead.
5 of 5 Stars!Great product! Thank you for helping me to cotnrol bedbugs.August 22, 2012
By anonymous (New York, NY)
I used it and ventilated the apartment well, and so far, no bites.
5 of 5 Stars!July 18, 2011
I loved it, but I think i’d rather invest in the concentrated liquid insecticide and manually mix the solution rather than using 5 cans to treat my whole home.
5 of 5 Stars!August 24, 2011
By sabrina z.
i highly recommend that you use this with the gentrol aerosol
5 of 5 Stars!May 08, 2011
By Ken G.
i have literally tried 5 different things from the local hardware store and it did not work. This spray was the only thing that worked for my bed bug infestation. I HIGHLY recommend it
5 of 5 Stars!June 25, 2013
By Pretty Happy
I had a problem with meal moths! I tried traps from the hardware store, however could not eliminate them totally. I decided to try Phantom. This product really works and it is such a relief to be rid of those horrid bugs
4 of 5 Stars!Good StuffSeptember 21, 2013
By None
I been using this spray since last year. I check all my bed every month one time and spray this product. No bed bug at all.
5 of 5 Stars!November 16, 2010
By Judy Shea
I am so happy I was able to achieve the desired effect I wanted for a long time. I never did regret the time I added this to my shopping cart. I will continue to patronize this site with their outstanding products!
5 of 5 Stars!August 17, 2011
By Lee H.
great product!
5 of 5 Stars!March 06, 2011
By Elsie Newton
I’d like to drop a note here to say thank you to this website because I had this Phantom Aerosol which is very effective against ants, roaches and other pests. Thanks!
5 of 5 Stars!October 05, 2011By Eleanor Kessler
5 of 5 Stars!June 19, 2010By Stanley Kessler
5 of 5 Stars!March 06, 2010By Cynthia Crane

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