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Phantom Insecticide Termite Control - 21 oz (NOT FOR SALE TO CT,MA,NY)
5 of 5 Stars!
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Review : Phantom Insecticide Termite Control - 21 oz (NOT FOR SALE TO CT,MA,NY)

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5 of 5 Stars!Amazing Product for the Patient and VigilentSeptember 01, 2012
By Mike (Baltimore, MD)
Two weeks after my first application I saw a live bedbug crawling around and my heart sunk. A couple of days later there were no more and I have only found 1 or 2 dead ones in the month since. I have reapplied and will do it again out of vigilence. This is the only poison I am using, though I did use Rubbing Alcohol as a knockdown agent. Use it to treat the edges and places they have to crawl over and you will not be dissapointed. I am also vaccuming (and emptying the bin outside) every 2-3 days to eliminate any eggs being lain. But don't vaccum right where you spray.
5 of 5 Stars!September 07, 2011
By Malcolm Allred
Two thumbs up for Phantom product and I already recommended this to my pals. Keep up the good work Pest mall!
5 of 5 Stars!September 16, 2010
By Dennis Morris
This is such a strongly recommended Phantom Ant control product!
5 of 5 Stars!January 03, 2011
By Veronica Day
The primary purpose of buying this is to help me eliminate termites but I was so amazed that it also helped in getting rid of ants, roaches and bed bugs. This is such a big help to me and it’s also affordable, for only $59.90, I was able to have Phantom Insecticide Termite Control.
5 of 5 Stars!August 30, 2010
By Claire Pickett
Thanks to Peter who advised me to use this Phantom Insecticide. Now, I do not have any problems with termites and same with ants and cockroaches too!
5 of 5 Stars!August 11, 2011
By Ricky Lawrence
Phantom Ant Killer-This is so highly recommended!
4 of 5 Stars!May 16, 2011
By Brenda Willard
It was delivered on time and it did well.
5 of 5 Stars!IT WORKS!!!March 14, 2013
By Mittie
I live in the Florida Keys where keeping the multitudes of crawling insects from moving in & taking up permanent residence is a constant battle. This stuff really works & fast!
5 of 5 Stars!June 24, 2010
By Nicole Keller
I like this because termites don’t detect this as an insecticide and I am happy that it’s undeniably affordable. I also used this against ants and roaches and noticed that it’s really effective.
5 of 5 Stars!June 25, 2011
By Harry Dotson
I had major problems with ants outdoors so I thought of buying Phantom Insecticide, but i knew that if i just buy Phantom Insecticde, I would spill more than i should been. So I purchased the Chaplin 1 Gallon Sprayer, now i spray the exact amount of what i needed.
5 of 5 Stars!Phantom Works Great! Can't go Wrong!March 21, 2014
By Jim Williams (Germantown, MD )
I had an ant problem in my kitchen that occurred after putting mulch around the boarder of my house. It was a bad idea on my part putting the mulch around the house because the ants quickly infested our kitchen. Hired professional name brand pest companies to get rid of them and what they used failed to work. Did a little research on the internet and found “Phantom” being recommended. Ordered it from and it was amazing. With just one application no more ants! No more ants inside or outside. My in-laws reported a bad ant infestation and I sprayed there house. No more ants! Plain and simple this stuff works and does the job. I use it twice a year around the foundation of the house and it not only keeps the ants away, it seems to have kept all the other nasty pests away. Can go wrong with this one!
5 of 5 Stars!February 04, 2011
By Carmen Gould
Great carpenter ant control product. I’m giving 5 stars for this.
5 of 5 Stars!November 22, 2010
By Erin Kay
Ants had been really visible the past few weeks so my wife bought this Phantom Insecticide and used it. I was so impressed with the effect for it really did well and more than I expected.
5 of 5 Stars!February 05, 2011
By Gina Singleton
I have my old house but I seldom visit there because of my busy schedules and I have so many meetings but there came a time that I really wanted to unwind and went to my old house. To my great sadness, my old house was infested with termites and ants and roaches. My warden never informed me that he left the house. It was really a total mess! What was supposed to be a vacation was a total nightmare! I hired a Phantom Certified Professional to be able to help me with my termites, roaches and ants problem. It was a total relief when I saw that it was really effective and continued my 1 month rest and vacation at the old house Thanks to this Phantom Insecticide Termite and control and to the very professional one who used this. It’s worth the penny. J
5 of 5 Stars!May 25, 2011By Alvin Winters
5 of 5 Stars!October 13, 2010By Brad McBride

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