Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel (NOT FOR SALE TO NY, MI)
Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel (NOT FOR SALE TO NY, MI)

Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel (NOT FOR SALE TO NY, MI)

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Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel (NOT FOR SALE TO NY, MI)
1 box (5 tubes)
Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel (NOT FOR SALE TO NY, MI)
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Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel is no longer available. As a replacement product, we recommend Invict Gold Roach Bait Gel instead which uses the same 2.15% Imidacloprid active ingredient and is of the same efficacy. Please consider using Invict Gold Roach Bait Gel in place of the Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel.
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Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel is an effective and long-lasting bait gel that remians soft and palatable to cockroaches unlike other baits. The advanced formula is weathering resistant, making it an optimal choice for indoor and outdoor roach control. Pre-Empt is a colorless and odorless formula, ideal for use in sensitive areas like schools, hospitals, and food-handling facilities. Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel is labeled to control of all species of cockroaches, such as German, Oriental, American, Smokey, and Brown.

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PDF Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel Product Label

PDF Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel

PRE-EMPT PROFESSIONAL COCKROACH GEL BAIT is intended for the control of cockroaches, including German, American, Smokey Brown, Oriental and other cockroach species. Apply as a spot and/or crack and crevice application to spaves within structures, their walls and ceillings (both inside and out), and the immediate adjacent surrounding grounds. Such structures include, but not limited to, residential (e.g. houses, apartments), commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings (e.g. restaurants, supermarkets, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, warehouses, hotels, motels, and utilities), agricultural structures (e.g. barns, livestock housing fasilities), pet kennels, zoos, and on various modes of transport (e.g. aircraft, buses, trucks, trailers, rail cars, and marine vessels).

Target Pest(s): German roach, Oriental roach, American roach, Smokey Brown roach and more.
Manufactured By: Bayer
Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid - 2.15%
Size: 1 Box (5 of 30gm Tubes)

Light to Moderate infestations: 10 pea-sized droplet per 100 sq.ft.

Heavy infestations: 20 droplet per 100 sq.ft.

Not For Sale To: NY, MI

Spot or crack and crevice applications

Spot treatments: Pre-Empt should be applied as spots or droplets of approximately 4 to 6 mm in diameter. Approximately 10 droplets per 100 sq. ft. is recommended for use under conditions with low to moderate insect infestations. Approximately 20 droplets per 100 sq. ft. is recommended for more severe infestations or where the the population occurs in inaccessible locations, such as in wall voids. Under most circumstances, more numerous, smaller bait placements will provide faster and more effective control than fewer large placements.

Crack and crevice treatments: Pre-Empt may also be applied as a bead ot thin where appropriate. Bait should be applied into cracks and crevices in which insects hide or through which they may enter the building. Such openings commonly occur at expansion joints, between different elements of construction, between, behind or under various types of equipment such as cabinets, refrigerators, sinks, stoves, dishwashers, and through floors, doors, windows, walls and ceillings. These openings mat lead to voids such as hollow walls, hollow equipment legs and bases, utility entrances, electrical conduit, junction and switch boxes, and wall floor drain exits. Trapping techniques or spot flushings will aid in determining areas with insect activity.

Apply Pre-Emptby placing applicator tip directly into cracks and crvices and other openings or voids where insects may hide or harbor and deposit the bait as multiple spots or as a continuous bead. Care should be taken to avoid depositing the product onto open or exposed surfaces. During follow up visits, inspect bait placements and reapply as needed. If bait is completely consumed, reapply in the same location, as many insects (such as cockroaches) leave behind secretions and droppings to attract other insects to harborages and food sources. Do not use this product where a possibility of a shock hazard exists.

Indoor Pest Control

For indoor uses, make applications in a manner as previously described above under "Spot or Crack and Crevice Applications." Praticular attention should be given to treating entry points and harborage areas. Place the applicator tip into cracks, crevices, voids, holes and other small opening where insects may hide. Apply small amounts of bait (up to 1/2 gram/spot) or as a bead or flim at insect activity sites. Cleaning of all areas prior to use of Pre-Empt will increase levels of control. Any foodstuffs infested with insect pests should be removed and destroyed. Applications to furniture should be restricted to those areas where contact to humans will not occur. Applications to textiles or fabrics may cause discoloration or staining.

Outdoor Pest Control

Apply Pre-Empt as a spot, bead or thin flim to outside surface of buildings, porches, patios, door and window openings, crawl spaces, air conditioning units, utility entrances through outside walls, under siding / molding, in garages and other adjacent areas where pests have been seen or found. To help prevent infestations, treat areas adjacent to structures where pests may be active and may find nesting sites or harborage. Applications should be made to substrates adjacent to buildings, the building foundations, wall voids, attic and soffit areas, eaves, under stairways, around screens, on fences, trees and other areas conducive to infestation. Do not apply Pre-Empt to areas that have been recently sprayed with insecticides, and do not spray insecticides over gel, as it may cause the bait to become repellent.

Please refer to and follow the directions on the Pre-Empt Roach Bait Gel product label.

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