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Reviewer : Andrew Vasey
Essentria G Granules  (Eco Exempt G Granules) - 22 lbs.
Essentria G Granules (Eco Exempt G Granules) - 22 lbs. by Envincio
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Andrew Vasey on Aug 22, 2009

The Eco Exempt G Granules are great! I will be using these every year! I apply this after it rains and then I water the grass lightly after I put them on the ground and they seem to be more effective as if it had been enhanced! I highly recommend Eco Exempt G Granules!

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You guys are awesome! I called Mon. for help with roach problems, and Sue? (sorry, I forgot your name) was really helpful. I got the package, and you guys sure kno how to pack stuffs! lol. Anyway, thank you very much!

- Max A. -
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