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Reviewer : Autumn C.
Bell Rodent Baiter for Mice
Bell Rodent Baiter for Mice by Bell Labs
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Autumn C. on Jan 1, 2009

I recently moved house into a Victorian style old house with high ceilings and old wall structures. I spent a lot of money on renovation with getting a new kitchen, bathrooms, painting the whole house and changing all the flooring. Having finished renovation and moving in, I soon began to realise I had a mouse problem when I found bags of rice and food bitten into in my food cupboards. I was really shocked and freaked out as I find mice really scary! After spending thousands of dollars on the renovation I could not afford to pay a professional exterminator to git rid of them. The problem didn’t seem too bad as only a few bags of food would be ripped but I was scared of the mice breeding and making more babies. I looked online and found the Bell rodent baiter for mice. It was so ridiculously cheap that I thought I would try it out. It took a bit of time but within 10 days the mouse was caught! I was so relieved and removed it straight away. Luckily I have not had a mice problem ever since!

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they were quick to note let me know,, once they found out, that they could not ship the product to Canada. I was given prompt,efficient service.

- Ted Adger -
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