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Reviewer : Beatrice E.
Dr.T's mosquito repellent - 5 lbs.
Dr.T's mosquito repellent - 5 lbs. by Dr.T's
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Beatrice E. on May 30, 2009
repel mosquitoes outdoors

My family pool has been literally abandoned by my 2 daughters because they are scared of the mosquitoes that they find. This is absolutely ridiculous and although I have been searching for a good insecticide specifically for mosquitoes, they all work for a short time and the same problem keeps recurring, Dr. T’s mosquito repellent is very effective, the number of mosquitoes has declined dramatically with just one application around the pool area once a week. I am thoroughly impressed, I hope this problem does not return but so far I it’s working so finger crossed.

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