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Reviewer : Bobbie Wheaton
FenvaStar EcoCap - 8 oz. (Not for sale to: CT)
FenvaStar EcoCap - 8 oz. (Not for sale to: CT) by LG Chemical
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Bobbie Wheaton on May 20, 2013
Fenvastar EcoCap

We ordered this when we discovered the new kudsu bugs were sucking on my wisteria. We no long see them anywhere around . We had fireants. It killed them too. We live in a rural area and are surrounded by woods. So we have all kinds of spiders and bugs . Bugs don't come in the house, but spiders make their way inside. I especially hate black widow spiders . For some reason they seem to enjoy my sewing room. Since we sprayed around the botton of the walls, doorways and around windows I haven't even seen a spider of any kind. We are waiting for the arrival of Japanese beetles. They love the blooms on our cannas and roses. Well we are ready for them this year. I think we made a smart decision to buy this. It's a concentrate and that little bottle goes a long ways. I am sure we will be back for more.

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