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Reviewer : Cher V.
Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant - 1 pack of 10
Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant - 1 pack of 10 by J.F.Oakes
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Cher V. on Aug 12, 2011

My husband and I are very big on “do it yourself” solutions to common problems so when we found out about this attractant we thought it would be perfect for some home made fly traps. The instructions were easy to follow and the attractant was very easy to mix up. We used it in a variety of different traps and had some great success with a number of them. It seems to attract bugs from a good distance away but doesn’t leave any weird odor behind. We’ve found that it works best for about 10 days to two weeks after which the traps were so full we had to empty them anyway. This stuff is like magic and flies just love it, we highly recommend this product!

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The ant bait they sent was excellent - worked within one week.

- Selena Filmore -
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