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Reviewer : Cheryl Anderson
Bed Bug Kit Commercial
Bed Bug Kit Commercial by Ecokeeper
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Cheryl Anderson on Apr 4, 2014
so far so good

We had moved into an apartment that was apparently already infested. We had the house heated but it only helped for about four months until our downstairs neighbors moved out after refusing to allow their apt to be heated when ours was. After they moved out three landlord had their apt heated and t they ASL ran back to ours. When people moved our of my dads building his apt got infested.We ordered the bed bug commercial kit cause we had several apartments to treat so far no more bites great product thank you for having a kit big enough for us to treat my fathers apt as well as ours we have alot off the adultaside left so we will retreat in a free months just to be on the safe side.thanks again i wool recommend your site to anyone in need.already have done so for your roach bait we have almost killed off the entire colony in my building.

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Thanks to for Shipping time was great and phone support was also good. I apply outside my house and inside, in the bathroom area were bugs appearing, and all I see is dead bugs for a couple of hours. So far so good. I'm sure I will be a return customer.

- John D. -
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