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Reviewer : Chris.K
Rodent Proofing Copper Mesh - 20 ft. Roll
Rodent Proofing Copper Mesh - 20 ft. Roll by Allen Special Products
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Chris.K on Aug 11, 2010

Theres this mice in my house who keeps out smarting me.. it's ridiculous. when i place traps it walks around the traps instead of through it and it even made a hole in my closet wall. i';m guessing thats where it lives... so when i first closed up the hole with cement the thing made another hole right by it. Yes it's driving me nuts... so i just covered it up with this stuff it copper wire mesh after i did some research and it seems to be working?

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they were quick to note let me know,, once they found out, that they could not ship the product to Canada. I was given prompt,efficient service.

- Ted Adger -
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