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Reviewer : Dan
Black Carpet Beetle Trap
Black Carpet Beetle Trap by Insects Limited
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Dan on Mar 9, 2016
Empty vile

I received my Black Carpet Beetle trap quite quickly. When I opened the mailer I noticed the directions were very vague. I'm fairly intelligent so I figured 'most' of it out. The one exception was how to handle the pheromone vile that comes with the trap and is what lures the beetles to the trap. The vile has a hinged cap on it. There are no directions as to whether to place the vile closed or open , in the trap. One would assume it necessary to be open, to let out whatever is in it. Well, there was NOTHING in mine !! I read on line, that there was supposed to be a 'pellet bullet' in the vile, but not in mine. I called the co. and was told they thought the vile itself was impregnated with the pheromone but, I found that hard to believe. Why a plastic vile with a hinged (openable) cap, if the vile itself was impregnated with the pheromone ? Anyway the gentleman I spoke with offered me a credit refund. I took it and appreciated it but, what about getting rid of my Black Carpet Beetles ???

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