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Reviewer : David Lobron
Advion Ant Bait Station Arena - 1 Bag /30 Stations
Advion Ant Bait Station Arena - 1 Bag /30 Stations by Dupont
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rating_of_5_stars Written by David Lobron on Sep 12, 2012
No effect on carpenter ants (maybe I'm using it wrong)

My kitchen and dining room have moderate carpenter ant presence- I swat about 4 or 5 of them a day. I put out four Advion baits, but they did not appear to have any effect. I never saw any dead ants, and the number of ants in the kitchen has stayed the same. I'm now wondering if I made a mistake in the way I laid the baits - I just took them out of the bag and put them on the floor and counter in areas where I had seen a lot of ants. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry for the negative review- I will revise it if this turns out to be my fault. :)

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