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Reviewer : Desmond Wilkson
Advion Ant Bait Station Arena - 1 Bag /30 Stations
Advion Ant Bait Station Arena - 1 Bag /30 Stations by Dupont
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Desmond Wilkson on Dec 17, 2010

I used the Dupont Advion Ant Bait Station after a professional pest control service told me that it would be the product they would use for the treatment which would also cost me about $80 after all charges. I went online and found Pestmall and noticed they could have ripped me off. I cancelled the service because I hadn't signed any contract yet and bought this Dupont Advion Ant Bait staiton shortly after the cancellation. I saved a whole Forty one dollars by doing it myself. I'll definitely be buying more products from Pestmall.

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Best product we have found for stink bugs.

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