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Reviewer : Donald T.
Alpine Pressurized Insecticide Spray - 20 oz
Alpine Pressurized Insecticide Spray - 20 oz by BASF (Whitmire Micro-Gen)
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Donald T. on May 22, 2011

My nuisance was my fear. To most people having bugs or ants at home, it’s just a nuisance that they want to get rid of because it “bugs” them. However, my case was a bit different.. I get literally get crazy at the sight of a spider which is less than 3 meters from me! Some people may laugh when they read this, but it’s really not funny when you have that phobia AND YOUR HOUSE LOOKS LIKE IT’S STUFFED WITH SPIDERS! Worst of all, each and every time the spiders seem to come from behind my own bed. Once day, I brought up some courage in myself and decided to see where they actually come from. I displaced the bed and saw a small hole a few inches from the ground on the wall. That’s when I knew I was now the one in position to torment them. So I looked a bit online for advice, and someone posted a link on my Facebook to here. I bought the Alpine Pressurized Insecticide Spray and couldn’t even sleep at night – not because of the spiders, but because of the hope that I would perhaps eliminate them soon. The next day I woke up a bit late and was surprised to have the package in my kitchen already. My wife had picked them up earlier. I torn open the package and sprayed this stuff in the hole. At night, no spider!! My plan is to apply the product for 1 week, pause for 1 week, then start again. After 3 – 4 weeks spraying, I’m sure the spiders will get it!!

Maxforce Fleet Ant Bait Gel
Maxforce Fleet Ant Bait Gel by Backed by Bayer
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Donald T. on Mar 22, 2012
professional ant killer

I have been trying to find out how the ants keep getting inside my home. I wanted to find something that could take care of the ants without really using any toxics. And then I had found Maxforce Ant Bait Gel .It was 30g and I had but to use only 1g n each spot so I could use it in 30 spots. And so I did. Within 3 weeks I had the ants under control and then in some more time the whole population was destroyed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maxforce Ant Bait to anyone.

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WE had tried everything to rid our yeard of the ground squirrel, but your trap worked like a charm. To date we have captured and released several miles away from our home the five ground squirrels. Cute creatures, but the noise and holes in our yard was really getting to us.

- Shershe -
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