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Reviewer : Ed W.
Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap
Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap by J.F.Oakes
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Ed W. on Mar 5, 2011
yellow jackets control

The Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap comes with disposable and replaceable trap liners, something which me and and my wife appreciated a lot. The trap is also convertible into other deadly traps for insects such as flies or even bees for that matter. The attractants are not too bad to use around kids and the traps are quite safe to handle. Shipping is made quite quickly. I actually got my traps on my doorstep approximately 3 days after payment online.

Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap Kit
Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap Kit by Bonide Products, Inc
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Ed W. on Jan 1, 2010

My wife has always had a phobia for wasps and beetles. We have a beautiful garden and great patio outside. It looks especially beautiful in the summer when all the flowers are out and we can switch the fountain on. I really wanted to enjoy the garden and sit outside with my wife but she would never sit outside in fear of the beetles and wasps coming near her. I started searching online for pest control methods for beetles or wasps to find the best removal technique available. I saw the beetle bagger Japanese beetle trap kit. I read a lot of reviews before to check if it actually worked and I saw a lot of positive feedback. It was at a very reasonable price so I thought I would give it a go. Much to my relief it worked great! I placed it in the middle of the garden and the beetles came nowhere near the patio. Thank you beetles removal kit for letting us finally enjoy our garden!

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