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Reviewer : Emily W.
Bed Bug Basic Kit
Bed Bug Basic Kit by Ecokeeper
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Emily W. on Apr 24, 2011

Indeed, my home is now free from bed bugs. I had a horrible battle against the foul creatures. When I first understood that I was having a bed bug infestation, I decided that I would try a few home remedies. After a month or so, I realized that the bed bugs were still around and if anything, the bugs grew more numerous. After failing pest control using home remedies, I resorted to the services of a professional exterminator. That was such a waste of money. $300 for an hour and all the guy did was spray insecticides all over the place. I could even get in my home for a whole day and when I did get in, the bed bugs were still there. Finally just when I decided to give up and just move houses, my friend talked me into visiting the Pestmall website and that’s where I found the Bed Bug Basic Kit. The kit worked great for me. My home is currently literally free from bed bugs and I hope it stays that way. Good job Pestmall. You guys are doing great!

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I am always satisfied with the product, service, and pricing from Pestmall. I will definitely purchase from them again.

- lambert -
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