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Reviewer : Greg Zimmerman
Crawl Space Vent (Temp-Vent) - One Piece Unit
Crawl Space Vent (Temp-Vent) - One Piece Unit by Temp-Vent Corporation
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Greg Zimmerman on Aug 28, 2011
crawl space moisture control

The pests in our house made nests in the crawl space. It was humid and dark. So, as per the professional advice we used spray and it was okay for a few days. But they came again and started nesting. Then we had found that we did not have any crawl space protection. So we bought crawl space vent from the pestmall, it is a really good vent. It seems that our pest problems are finally solved.

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This is the only place we can find the Giant Killer gopher bombs that we need to keep our yard pest free. Home Depot used to have them, but changed brands that are not as good. Actually, they are NO good at all. Even if they still had them, we would order from PestMall because of the great price. Very satisfied with product and delivery.

- jocooper -
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