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Reviewer : Grey T.
Maxforce Complete Granular Bait- 4lbs.
Maxforce Complete Granular Bait- 4lbs. by Backed by Bayer
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Grey T. on Jun 2, 2010

My mother lives in a brownstone in Brooklyn and she has had a problem with roaches as long as I can remember. We’ve tried a number of different things to try and cure it but the roaches will still get in. After talking to a friend, we decided that we should place some bait in certain areas, such as her basement. The granular bait was much nicer and much easier to use than the powders and didn’t make a mess at all. I placed some in the right areas and, since then, she hasn’t seen any roaches save for the odd straggler. This is a very good product and it does just what it promises.

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The product performed as expected. Arrived sooner than expected.

- Guy Kirts -
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