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Reviewer : Hannah Hopkins
Demand CS - 8 oz (NOT FOR SALE IN NY, CT)
Demand CS - 8 oz (NOT FOR SALE IN NY, CT) by Syngenta
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Hannah Hopkins on Apr 10, 2010

This Demand CS product is so great! I can't believe Demand CS works this well! We had a big dinner with many families in our home and had all our doors and windows open. I was so surprised when I found ALL the flies (we had about 20+ intrude our house) dead just after 15 minutes! I was amazed! Thanks for everything, Pestmall! You guys understand what a consumer truly needs.

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They carry a wide selection of products and from pricing to shipping they are great and reliable and the best to do business with keep up the great work Pestmall

- bluegirl -
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