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Reviewer : Harry Obrian
FastOut CS Foam -20 oz.
FastOut CS Foam -20 oz. by BASF (Whitmire Micro-Gen)
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Harry Obrian on Jun 4, 2012
Difficult applicator...

The applicator nozzle is too short when using from inside on outside walls that have a vapor barrier. The foam just fills between the backside of the inside wall and vapor barrier. I had to buy 1/8" ID PFE tubing, jam it on over the slightly larger plastic tip on the nozzle and use it as an extender... but not until after wasting one can. The extender still fell off once in a while, making a mess, not to mention the larger hole needed for the extender. It might be a good product if you could get into the necessary area effectively.

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this product will kill all weeds in a yard. stay away from the big box stores, have no knowledge or training of what to use.

- mike maurer -
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