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Reviewer : Henry W.
Advion Roach Bait Station - 1 Bag / 12 Stations
Advion Roach Bait Station - 1 Bag / 12 Stations by Dupont
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Henry W. on Sep 25, 2011

Satisfied with my purchase. I bought this product to get rid of the infestation we had at the warehouse. I told everyone at work to tell them that they had 4 days off, since it might take a while for all the cockroaches to be eliminated. I called them the very next day to tell them they had only 1 day off instead of 4. The roach bait station actually dealt with the creatures within 6 hours, but didn’t want to ruin the workers’ evening, that’s why I gave them the day off!

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It does not work. Put 25lbs on yard in Feb 2016 it was questionable due to winter. purchased 2 additional bags in Apr. 2016 applied May 2 it rained so I applied additional bag a week later. Still have fleas. Yes Both times the dogs were bathed and the house sprayed. My dogs do not go outside areas that were treated. I called to get more info and about warranty and was told they don't warranty any of they products. They just tried to sell me something else as they did when I purchased this product.

- neil smith -
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