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Reviewer : Jeff P
Demand CS - 8 oz (NOT FOR SALE IN NY, CT)
Demand CS - 8 oz (NOT FOR SALE IN NY, CT) by Syngenta
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Jeff P on May 10, 2013
The nuclear weapon of insecticides

A friend who is a frequent traveler stayed as a guest and inadvertently brought bedbugs into my home so I did the research and did the multi-prong approach of getting mattress encasements, cleaning up the area near beds, frequent washing and high-temperature dryer treatment of beddings and spraying a lot of consumer insecticides, which helped but did not solve the problem entirely. So I decided to turn to professional exterminator-grade products and stumbled across Demand CS in my research and it got good reviews so I said yes it isn't cheap compared to a can of Raid, but bedbugs are a whole other level of bad news so I gave it a try. I used the dilution recommended for roaches (about twice the amount of active recommended for bedbugs) just to be sure. I was shocked how lethal this stuff is. It not only won the battle but turned the tide of the war. If bedbugs ever come back, I still have 3/4 of a bottle of this stuff left. Bring it.

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Th product performed as expected. Arrived sooner than expected.

- Cody Alatorre -
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