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Reviewer : Jude E.
Flea Control Kit for Cats and Dogs
Flea Control Kit for Cats and Dogs by Ecokeeper
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Jude E. on Oct 7, 2009

Pet & I are happy! I’ve always bathed my dog and we never had any flea problem…until that day! That day we went for an outing. Another friend of mine brought her dog. They got along well with each other. Actually it’s not only the dogs that got well along, but the fleas of Sally’s dog liked my dog too :( I noticed Billy (my dog) started scratching himself the same day when we got back home. 2 days later, he was still scratching himself, DESPITE HAVING HAD 2 BATHS. I knew it had to be fleas. I checked and I was wow’d at the number of fleas I found when trying to find just one! I got this flea control kit for cats and dogs and my dog is now back to normal :) Not sure if it’s a general case, but my dog didn’t experience any irritation to this product. I’m sure if he knew how to type, he’d write “Thank you Pestmall!”. Lol

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It came so fast! Two days after I ordered it I had it in my hands. I've used Delta Dust before and it's the only thing that works against spiders. Even an actual exterminator didn't work. I've been bitten and it hurts.

- Cheryl Elliot -
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