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Reviewer : Julia Mcneil
Precor Plus Fogger (aka Flea Bomb) - 1 Pack (3 X 3 oz.)
Precor Plus Fogger (aka Flea Bomb) - 1 Pack (3 X 3 oz.) by ZOECON
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Julia Mcneil on Apr 21, 2012
Fogger Review

We purchased 2 of these foggers for an approximately 1500 sq ft home. We set them off and left the house for approximately 2 hours. Returned to house and observed some dead fleas. Within a few days fleas were back. Used this type of product from different manufacturer in the past and it worked. Not happy with results of this product. Cant decide whether to try again with more of this product or to try something else. Treating for fleas is too expensive to buy products and not have them work. we are happy with online purchasing and reciept of product.

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I had terrible bed bug problem in my bed and got a service from Pest control company in Florida. But I hate Chemical to treat the bug. And they recommended me " Eco Keeper Bed bug glue trap". So, I placed order to I tried for my bed from last monday. I got rid of many bed bugs from my bed with this Eco keeper. Thanks,

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