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Reviewer : Kevin
Stink Bug Control Kit
Stink Bug Control Kit by Ecokeeper
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Kevin on Oct 15, 2009
marmorated stink bug

Wow, Stink bug kit was so helpful. I got rid of stink bugs very quickly. I sprayed cy-kick indoor and used demon wp to treat the outdoor. This kit works great and I was very impressed with fast shipping! Thank you pestmall!

Tempo 1% Dust - 1.25 lb (Not for Sale to: NY,SC,CT)
Tempo 1% Dust - 1.25 lb (Not for Sale to: NY,SC,CT) by Backed by Bayer
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Kevin on Jul 26, 2012

5 stars! I had some un-wanted Japanese hornets that made a nest in the second story eve and wall of my house. I killed 50+ with conventional spray but they never slowed down. I did some research and found tempo 1% dust and it seemed to fit my needs. Kills several insects including hornets and yellow jackets. The beauty is that it kills where sprays can't get to. This product needs to be airborne in some way to get into the voids of walls or holes in the ground. I purchased a bellows duster also but didn't use it in this application. Under the cover of darkness I used a home made blow gun to blow the dust into the nest entrance. I also did this from a dark room and window that I could retreat into quickly because I didn't have a bee suit and didn't want to make one. The blow gun consisted of a piece of 1" PVC pipe of long enough distance, a drinking straw, duct tape, and a flash light.I taped and sealed the straw to one end of the pipe with the straw sticking out 4 or 5 inches. Make the seal as air tight as possible. Tape a flashlight close to the straw end so it will shine where you need it and also get the light away from you because the bee(s) will go for the light. I used a small bathroom cup to push the dust into and load a small amount ( about an inch in the straw) and put the straw in the entrance slowly. I took a deep breath away from the pipe and then blew through the pipe. It made a white puff and I made sure to blow extra to carry the air and dust inside the nest. If the dust doesn't get airborne and go inside, it will only kill the bees it touches and won't kill the queen and hive. It does not kill instantly and a lot of the bees came out and swarmed an outside post light. I don't know if it was flight or fight for the bees but I didn't want to take that chance with hornets of that size! They swarmed for about 15 min. The next morning there were dead bees everywhere! Only a couple bees ere seen using the nest that day and only for an hour or so. Dead and gone! I have used this on yellow jackets too. Powdering the opening doesn't work. Blow into the nest and they are gone. This product saved me a lot of money from hiring a professional and kept my family safe.

Tenacity Herbicide - 8 oz.
Tenacity Herbicide - 8 oz. by Syngenta
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Kevin on Sep 12, 2012
Tenacity, Worth the price

I am enjoying going outside every morning and watching my nimbilwill die a slow but steady white death. Crabgrass and some other weed grasses died too. Best part is I can seed right away. I used the Duo-Stick surfactant along with the Tenacity. 1 tsp to 2 gal water in a pump sprayer. Very strange seeing the weeds turn bright white like I spray painted spots on the lawn but don't worry, only the weeds turned white and died, grass stayed nice and green and filled in the dead spots. Don't waste your money on any lawn chems unless you buy the surfactant. Surfactant is cheap and makes all the difference.

DuPont Arilon Insecticide (Not for Sale to: AK, CT, MA, NC)
DuPont Arilon Insecticide (Not for Sale to: AK, CT, MA, NC) by Dupont
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Kevin on May 16, 2013
I'd give it more stars if I could!

I am a professional pest control technician. I've tried many products for german cockroach infestations and usually end up having to treat and retreat and retreat... Since I started using arilon, I have cleared serious infestations, many times, with one treatment. I use arilon where I can't bait and either maxforce f.c. or advion roach gel in the places I can't spray. Adding gentrol insect growth regulator to arilon packs an even bigger punch. I regularly deal with major infestations and this product has been a godsend. When used properly in addition to baits, you can get roach infestations under control quickly. I will say that good sanitation is also a huge part of ridding yourself of an infestation, anything that is a food source to humans is pretty much fair game for a german roach. So, clean up, apply bait and arilon and watch the magic. I wrots this review on my cell phone and for some reason it would only give a max of 3 stars and I promise you I give it more than 5 stars. This stuff is worth it's weight in gold!

Professional Grade Bee Suit Complete
Professional Grade Bee Suit Complete by Ecokeeper
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Kevin on Aug 1, 2013
Good quality suit

This is my first bee suit and it looks very durable and it shipped FAST (2 days)

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The product performed as expected. Arrived sooner than expected.

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