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Reviewer : Lan H
JetStream Fogging Insecticide
JetStream Fogging Insecticide by MGK
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Lan H on Sep 29, 2010

My son LOVES playing with fire, and recently, I have had to hide all inflammable products (like deodorants) as he got a new hobby that consists of spraying an inflammable product behind a lighted match stick! The result is a huge gush of fire getting created! JetStream Fogging Insecticide is one of he few products I can safely leave at hand’s reach! Count me in as a happy customer

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I had trouble for many bees in my backyard. So, I bought Bee suit XL with real good price from last week. That's what I am looking for also. Thanks for sunny from

- Steward Wood -
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